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Many Supposed Independent Unions Supporters in Missouri found to Have Union Ties

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Published on: September 2, 2015

Many have grown up with a view of organized labor.  We receive this view from where we were born and raised and what our father’s job was.  This deeply entrenched conviction is difficult to shake.  This is especially hard when many organizations are spending thousands to push labor’s agenda.  In Missouri, there seems to be many grassroots organizations fighting to keep organized labor entrenched in the state.  But are they what they seem?

Watchdog reports:

To keep state lawmakers from overriding Gov. Jay Nixon’s June veto of a right-to-work bill, unions are broadcasting their message through campaign groups that don’t advertise their union backing.

So, why would these groups not want you to know that they are tied to big labor?  It is simple.  They want you to think that the organizations sprung up spontaneously.  They wish to perpetuate the myth that people, out of their great concern over Missouri becoming a “right to work” state, organized and began fighting for the worker.

Watchdog continues:

By downplaying or hiding their union ties, We Are Missouri, Preserve Middle Class America, and Protect MO Families allow unions to create the impression of sweeping opposition to right-to-work.

Now, what we have to make clear is what will not happen if the state becomes a right to work state.  Missouri will not lose all of its unions.  Union organizers and union shops will not be affected, at least not the rights they have and the freedoms they have to operate.  No union will be shut down or hindered.

Labor can organize in right to work states.  Labor can negotiate for better wages, hours and benefits for workers in a union shop.  Nothing about the operation of the union will change.  So why all the fuss?  Money.  Plainly put, the workers in Missouri will no longer be forced to pay dues to or join a union.

Watchdog adds:

Union-funded activist groups like Progress Missouri and Missouri Jobs with Justice help the unions sway legislators against a law that would simply let workers choose whether to pay a union.

And this is the reason that I am pro-right to work.  If I wish to negotiate for myself, then I should be given the freedom to do so.  If you feel that you get a better deal with the union and are glad to pay dues, then you should be allowed to as well.  But, this is bad news for the Teamsters, who would lose millions a year in dues lost.  And things are not looking good for them in Missouri.

Watchdog reports:

But public opinion is on the side of individual worker choice, Ryan Johnson, president of the conservative Missouri Alliance for Freedom, told Watchdog.

A poll of more than 10,000 likely voters conducted for Missouri Alliance for Freedom this spring found 54 percent of Missourians support right-to-work.

It seems that even with the deception and lies, the unions are losing their grasp on American workers.  Their only hope is in legislative coercion.


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