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Mask Nazi Menards: Attacking Their Customers & Hurting The Police

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Published on: April 16, 2021

Menards has done it again. It was not enough for Menards to go from a place where people, like me, spent thousands of dollars a year to a place where they are despised by many people in the community. Of course, then the people who despise Menards take their money and go elsewhere.

I have actually been happy to take my business elsewhere. Buying from Menards was actually a bad habit I had gotten into. In the hopes of saving a little time and some money, I was settling for inferior products. One example is some light sockets I had bought that pulled apart when I screwed the bulb into them. When I went elsewhere, and bought a better light socket, I could see the difference in thicker metal and better porcelain. Actually, considering the inferior quality, Menards was over charging me.

About a year ago, I went into Menards to buy 70 2by4s. Menards got all sassy with me asking, “Where is your mask?”  I told them I am not paying them to lip off to me and they said to take my business elsewhere. I said, “gladly.”  I then drove an hour to a different town and bought my 70 2by4s. The 2by4s were actually $1.00 a piece cheaper, and that included Menards’ sham discount in which I had to send in a rebate form just to get a coupon that I would have to spend at Menards. I saved $70.00, including the sham discount of Menards. I also got nice straight 2by4s instead of the crooked junk Menards likes to sell.

So, taking my business elsewhere has been a wonderful thing for me, and I consider it worth the drive. However, some people are offended by Mask Nazi policies, and they want to go into Menards and buy their things while not wearing a mask. The other day a man did this and the local news reported “of a man who assaulted an employee with some lumber following a dispute over wearing a mask in the store.” Now, I do not know why the man would want to go to Menards where the employees harass and insult the customers instead of providing good service, but he did. I have never considered the service at Menards good, but like a junk food restaurant being cheap food fast, Menards is the junk lumber. Menards seems to only want to make money, not provide good service. Like I said, I am glad to be done with Menards.  They burned a bridge with me.

However, the situation got worse.  The local news reported, “When an officer engaged the suspect through the driver’s window, the officer became trapped in the window and the driver took off at a high rate of speed with the officer hanging onto the vehicle.” According to a press release from the police, “The officer was struck in the head with a hammer during the struggle.”  The officer has now been treated and released.

Frankly, I have written numerous articles warning my police friends and others that things like this would happen if they continue to let places like Menards harass people. People are getting sick and tired of the COVID cowards running their mouths and sticking their noses in other people’s business.

When I was a kid, and some guy at the dance hall made a nasty comment about someone’s girlfriend, it was expected that someone would give the smart mouth the beating he deserved. If the cops were dumb enough to give the guy a ticket, when it got to court, it usually got dismissed. Once the story was told that smart mouth lipped off about the guy’s girlfriend, the judge would say the insult was fighting words. It was understood that if someone attacked someone with his words, he might get attacked by someone’s fists. If you think this sounds barbaric, things actually were more polite and peaceful back then.

I hate to see my police friend injured, but he needs to understand something. When I was little and I pulled the dog’s tail, the dog bit me. My dad then scolded me for being stupid. In case I have any woke fools reading my article, I will explain. My dad knew that even if he could teach our dog to let me pull his tail, my dad could not teach every dog to let me pull its tail. So, the safest thing was to teach me not mess with an animal or I might get hurt. This was a good thing to know growing up on a farm. Look at a rodeo bull and ask if you should mess with him.

Menards should have been told by the police months ago to not harass people. Menards should have been told by the police that people are getting short fuses and that if Menards keeps picking fights with their customers, trouble will happen. As we see, trouble has happened. Menards needs to be told by the police that considering that all people black, white and everything else, buy things everywhere they want, smart people who do not wear masks think they should be able to go where stupid people with masks go.

If you think I am being hard on mask wearers, go to America’s Front Line Doctors and watch the videos about masks. These are doctors that actually look at science. Also, read the articles I wrote about masks. Yes, you can have your own opinion, but I can call your opinion stupid if it is stupid.

The disciples of Fauci have screwed up the country. I have been a very good friend to the police officers and sheriff’s deputies, but they better understand something: These mask laws and lockdowns were intended to sucker law enforcement into harassing their friends and making the public hate them. Until now, our local police were smart enough not to take the bait. I hope the police learn from this and tell Menards to stop harassing people because the public is tired of the nonsense, and will not put up with much more. I like my police friends and do not want to see them or their reputations hurt, but they need to do their part.

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