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Masks Send A Message Even If You Do Not Want Them To Do So

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Published on: April 12, 2021

Some people are going to say, “Come on Steve, leave us alone.  I do not wear a mask because I want too. I wear it because I have too.”  Why you wear a mask is just as much of a problem as wearing a mask. The mask says what you are. You can deny this truth, but denying truth hurts you, not me. I will prove it.

You can say anything you want, but what you say will not give you anything you want. You can say you believe an anvil is a life-preserver, but the minute you go swimming with one you will sink. If you refuse to let go of your belief that an anvil is a life-preserver, you will drown and die. The only way you will not die if you do not let go of your false belief, is if someone else forces you to let go of the anvil, and saves your life.

In lifeguard training, they teach you to not let the person you are trying to save kill you. This can happen and has happened. This happens in Emergency Services too, as people have been killed trying to save people who have done something they should not have done. If someone is trapped in a grain-bin on a farm, you will die if you go in and do the wrong thing, and people have died doing the wrong thing. People have also died trying to save people who have done the wrong thing.

My anvil example will sound too extreme to prove anything about masks, but it has to be extreme because some people are too far gone and need to be brought back. An anvil is a useful tool. I have one in my shop. My anvil is so nice that my blacksmith friends dream of finding an anvil as nice as mine. However, my anvil is only good for that which it was made. It will not work as a life-preserver. I use this example so we can agree that using tools in the wrong way can be dangerous.

It does not matter why you use it the wrong way, only that you do. This is especially true with masks. You may ask, “Why is using a mask in the wrong way more dangerous than using an anvil the wrong way?” I am glad you asked because it is so obvious that an anvil will make you sink that you will probably not try and use an anvil as a life-preserver. However, masks are not as obvious, and many people do not realize how dangerous they are when they wear a mask for the wrong purpose.

Like my anvil, I have numerous masks. I sometimes wear a mask in the ambulance when I am treating a patient’s wound. I do this so I do not get spit in their wound, and so they do not get blood in my mouth. These masks only filter a certain particle size. It does not matter what you want, it does not matter what you say, and the mask will only do what it is going to do. This is why masks are more dangerous than anvils.

I have a machine that I use to spray polyurethane foam insulation. If I wear my mask from the ambulance when I spray foam, I am going to be seriously injured. It does not matter if I wear more than one mask. It does not matter if the mask keeps some of the particles out. If I am using the wrong tool for the wrong job, I am asking to be hurt if I do that. If I make the same arguments that the disciples of Fauci make about using the masks to stop viruses: it would sound like this. There are bigger particles when I spray foam, the masks from the ambulance will stop that overspray and at least protect me from that. So what, I will still die from the fumes. Even if I do not die from the fumes right away, I will eventually die from the lung problems from long term exposure to the polyurethane foam insulation chemicals. I have a full-faced mask that has a hose on it, and brings safe air to me to breath. I wear this mask and a special one piece suit with a hood on it. This equipment covers my entire body. When I spray polyurethane foam insulation, this equipment keeps me safe. I put this equipment on before I start spraying, and I do not take it off until I leave the building and I am where it is safe away from the chemicals. Anyone who does not do this when they spray polyurethane foam insulation is reckless and stupid.

I have other masks for when I spray paint, run sanders, weld metal, and work with many other things. When I was in the Army, we used to have Nuclear Biological and Chemical Training. We would put on our chemical suits, and masks. Then, they would have us go into the gas chamber and take our masks off. This allowed us to see what the masks were protecting us from. Once that mask came off, we knew that it was protecting us. They deliberately used a gas that would make us suffer but not kill us because we needed to know the truth. Using equipment wrong, or not using it when it needed, is dangerous, and they wanted to drive that message home.

Viruses are like fumes, they are very small. The masks people are wearing are of no benefit. They are actually harmful. When I treated COVID patients in my ambulance, I had a mask on and they had a mask on, I still got COVID. The only thing that protected me was the treatments that I learned from smart doctors that were brave enough to do what needed to be done, even when they could have been punished for doing right, by evil people who were doing wrong.

Go to America’s Front Line Doctors and watch the videos about masks. These are doctors that actually look at science. It has been more than a year now and anyone wearing a mask, when they do not have to do so, is evil, stupid, or a coward. Maybe they are all three. We need to be brutally honest about what “have to” means. To me, “have to” means I only put a mask on during an ambulance call. The hospitals and nursing homes are scared to death of the regulators, and the masks do temporarily protect us from the evil regulators, that are demanding stupid things not backed by science. I would have quit over this, but our Ambulance Service is so short of people that if I quit, we will have to shut our doors.

This is why you are wearing a mask, it is so harmful. When the disciples of Fauci see you wearing a mask, they think they can make me wear a mask. The disciples of Fauci also think if they can make me wear a mask, they can make me get a vaccine. The disciples of Fauci are mistaken. I am ready willing and able to quit being an Emergency Medical Technician. I am also willing to quit being the Chief of an Ambulance Service over these issues. I have tolerated it long enough. If you cannot go sit in a church, or give up drinking your coffee without wearing your mask, that only screams to the world that you are stupid or weak. I will not keep making the sacrifices that I make while you still wear your mask.

You may not realize the harm you are doing when you wear your mask, but as my early examples have shown, people have been killed by not realizing how dangerous their actions have been. My fellow health care workers better wake up and realize that when I see them with a mask on, I am wondering if they are too stupid to treat patients. If they believe masks work, they are too stupid to treat patients, and I might as well quit and let the whole health care system collapse.

I have talked to a lot of people that have said they are done with doctors. They have said that COVID has proven doctors are ether stupid or greedy. They are right. I will only go to a doctor if I am so injured that I may die, and then only to certain doctors. Even then, I am worried, as the third leading cause of death is avoidable medical errors. If my only hope to not die is to go to a doctor, I still have to worry that so many doctors are stupid fools that only care about what lets them keep their medical license. If there is a treatment that will save me, they will not risk their medical license to keep me alive. The Hydroxychloroquine scandal has proven that.

I have given a lot of years of my life serving in the Army, the Air Force, and at an Ambulance Service. I wrecked my health in the military. Every time I see someone wearing a mask, I am starting to think it was all a waste. Why should I keep serving, if you will not take a stupid piece of cloth off your face? I do not care if you are too weak to stand up to the disciples of Fauci. I am through carrying you. Every time I see people without masks it gives me hope. What message are you going to send? Wasting my time or there is hope?

Never forget, masks send a message even if you do not want them to do so.  Go to The future is up to you, all of you.

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