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Massachusetts Quarantine: College Student Becomes First Confirmed Coronavirus Case

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Published on: February 2, 2020

This student has been quarantined to his home and is reportedly doing well without hospitalization.

Evidently the thought is to quarantine him in his home, so he doesn’t spread the virus throughout the hospital.

This is a 20-something who is doing well despite contracting the virus.

What could possibly go wrong in leaving him at his own home rather than quarantining him in a hospital?

More from Boston 25:

BOSTON — A man returning from Wuhan, China, to Massachusetts has been confirmed to have the coronavirus, according to a news release by the Boston Public Health Commission. The man is in his 20s and lives in Boston, the release says.

The person who tested positive for coronavirus is a member of the UMass Boston community, according to a letter from UMass Boston Interim Chancellor Katherine Newman to students, faculty and staff. The university expects, “‘business as usual’ on campus,” and is currently working with the Mass. Department of Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission.

“On occasions like this, it is possible for fear to get the better of any of us,” the UMass Boston letter reads. “Let’s remember that viruses are no one’s fault and anyone can find themselves ill. We all want to be treated with care and compassion, especially when we fall ill.”


Does it make anyone else uneasy that he is quarantined in his own home?

20-somethings aren’t always trustworthy to make good decisions.

Nurses are checking regularly and claim exposure and risk are low.

How did they come to that conclusion?

Over 10,000 are infected in China now in about 10 days.

It just sounds a bit dangerous to me to allow a college student to be isolated in his own home when he is feeling relatively well, but carrying Coronavirus.

Other Coronavirus News…

I’m sure some bad decisions were made in China in the beginning and now things are out of control.

This young man needs to be in a hospital with 24-hour security & care, in my opinion.

Too many things could go wrong from leaving him at home.

That is just my opinion and I’m not a medical professional.

I’d sure like to know what security precautions are being taken in this man’s home.

Hopefully, they have it completely covered.

If not, this one person could end up infecting many.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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