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Maxine Waters Claims Public is “Getting Weary” Because Trump Hasn’t Been Impeached

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Published on: May 31, 2017

Rep. Maxine Waters continues to blabber about things she has no evidence in hopes the American people will hear it enough and begin to side with her.  Over the weekend she appeared on MSNBC to basically say she didn’t care whether her fellow Democrats were backing off talk of impeaching President Donald Trump or not, but then went on to claim that the American people were “getting weary” because he had not been impeached yet.

Somehow, I think she must be mixed up because plenty of Americans wanted Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah impeached for his long list of crimes.

“Congresswoman, on the subject of being more aggressive, you have openly talked about the fact that this president has put himself in a position where impeachment is on the table but your party, the Democratic party is very reluctant,” Morning Joy host Joy Reid said.  “The New York Times has an article out last week about how hesitant Democratic leadership, in particular, are to call for Donald Trump’s impeachment. In closing, why do you suppose that is?”

“I don’t know what the reticent is but I know this, that the American public is getting weary of all of these actions without enough being done by the elected officials who they elected to represent them,” Waters answered.  “I believe that this man has done enough for us to determine that we can connect the dots, that we can get the facts that will lead to impeachment.”

“I believe there was collusion,” she added, though she has absolutely no evidence of her claims.  “I think we have enough information about the meetings, the about the lying about those meetings to help us to understand that something was going on. There was an interaction there. And certainly I believe it was collusion, but if they just do their work and do their job, they will find out it was collusion.

“And I believe this president should be impeached,” she continued.  “I don’t care what others say about ‘it’s too soon, we don’t know, we think.’”

“I think that they’re letting the American public down by not delving deeper into what is going on with Jared Kushner and this back channeling, about the lies and his failure to disclose he had had these meetings, the same thing with sessions, failure to disclose about the meetings,” Waters concluded.  “What more do we need?”

Well, to be honest, failing to disclose something could be for a variety of reasons.  There could be intentional failing to disclose to hide something or there could simply be forgetfulness.  However, it does not then follow that there was collusion with the Russians.  That is a leap without any logic behind it.

Just keep in mind that this is the same woman who stood up for President Bill Clinton and called impeachment a “coup d’etat” and an “unapologetic disregard for the voice of the people.”

Clearly, impeachment is not that.  It is constitutional and should be used when a president commits any misdemeanor, high crime or treason.

Interestingly enough, people gathered at her house earlier this month and protested and called for her impeachment.  They are right in doing so as Waters has been in the midst of corruption scandals herself, and if one is looking for ties to Russia, they need to look no further than Ms. Waters’ investments.

Waters is hell bent on making it her mission and goal to make sure that Trump does not remain president.  She’s looking for anything to impeach the man over but seems unable to produce any evidenceShe doesn’t even know what she’s saying sometimes when she calls for impeachment.

As I’ve said before, there are things that virtually every President could be impeached for, namely unconstitutional actions, including lobbing dozens of missiles into a foreign country without Congressional authorization when the united States has not been attacked and it is not in defense of the nation.  But this nonsense about Russian collusion is just making Waters appear to be more and more senile and past time for her to be removed from office.

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