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McKinney Pool Party Debacle “Not a Race Issue”

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Published on: June 10, 2015

We have always lived with some level of racial tension in America.  There are places that have more than others, and there have been times that these tensions were higher.  So, to say that there is now tension where there was not any before is misleading.  But, there can be no denial of the fact that tensions between some whites and some black is growing.  And there seems to be no end to the videos and pictures of white police battering or hurting blacks.  This has created a readymade conclusion.  And this is why people jumped to some wrong conclusions about the pool party incident in McKinney, Texas.

CNN reported:

The invite to the party had earlier caught fire on Twitter and social media. Craig Ranch’s strict homeowners’ association rules prohibit bringing more than two guests to the pool.

So when crowds of teenagers showed up, huddling by the gate and shouting to let them in, things got out of hand. Some kids jumped over the fence, Embry said. A security guard tried to get them to leave but was outnumbered, so the guard called police.

So, there seems to be a clear understanding of what has happened.  A planned community, which had a pool, was overrun by young people.  These people were invited on Twitter to come to the pool for a party.  When they were told they could not come in, they became rowdy.  The lone security guard, being overwhelmed, called the police for help.  Seems that should have been the end of the story, but it is not.

CNN continues:

Police would arrive, and one officer seen on a video later posted to YouTube, would be placed on administrative leave. The officer cursed at several black teenagers, yanked a 14-year-old girl wearing only a bikini to the ground and knelt on her back. He also unholstered his firearm and chased teenage boys as they approached him while he was trying to control the girl.

Now, this video shows this officer acting, at best, in an unacceptable manner.  These were teens and there should have been a level of calm.  His actions, rather than being calming, were agitating to the situation.  But was he the only one at fault?  Had the teens obeyed the officer’s “lawful commands,” would he have acted this way?  But more importantly, we have to ask, was this a race-driven incident?  One man claims it was not.

Gateway Pundit reports:

PLEASE HELP! That (now viral) video of the officer in McKinney subduing a girl in a bathing suit was in OUR neighborhood. The situation was NOT what is being reported…

A DJ setup in a public space next to the private pool in our neighborhood on Friday and played loud explicit (F-bomb) music for multiple hours (it is unclear if he was invited by a resident as no one has claimed responsibility). The teenagers (both black and white) were being brought into our neighborhood by the carload because the DJ was tweeting out invites to a “pool party” for $15 (obviously unauthorized by our neighborhood). The teens began fighting with each other and pushing their way into our private pool. Some were jumping our fence. The security guard was accosted when he tried to stop the beginnings of this mob scene. Some residents who live around the park/pool area tried to come out and settle things down. The teens started yelling racial slurs at our neighbors and started assaulting people and property (throwing bottles at cars and attacking a mother at the pool with 3 young children). The first officer on the scene was by himself. At that time, the party had grown to a large, aggressive crowd. As the officer arrived, many teens started running through our neighborhood. Many of the teens were being very aggressive and yelling at the officers as more arrived.

This was a very dangerous situation for the officers AND the teens/residents not involved. The news media has refused to hear the neighborhood’s side of this story. The video being distributed is only a very small segment of what happened. This information being distributed by the media and others is extremely distorted and in some cases outright lies.

PLEASE HELP US STOP THE BROADCASTING OF THIS IGNORANCE. The media is trying to make it look like our neighborhood is a white’s only, racist area. Anyone who has spent even a few minutes in our area knows this is an outright LIE.

We have to stop and think things through.  There are incidents of prejudice, and there is hate in the world.  But this does not justify the thought that every moment of bad judgment has its roots in such feelings.


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