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Media Blackout on Shootings at Seattle Anti-Trump Rallies

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Published on: November 10, 2016

Not even 48 hours out from the announcement of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, the rioting and massive civil disobedience that both the Pentagon has warned about (not referring to any one specific trigger), I’ve been warning about since March as a direct result of the this week’s election results, has officially started, and let me stress the word “STARTED.”

In a post yesterday titled, Notice to Mainstream Media: Don’t Get Comfortable, You’re Next, I warned that the media had better be on notice that it’s time for them to get honest, and to get honest quickly, or else. While there is one story in particular that looks very promising (which I’ll cover later and link back to afterward), It doesn’t appear the majority of the mainstream media learned anything from Tuesday night’s results.

Perhaps that is evidenced best by the current blackout regarding violence already beginning to break out around the country at anti-Trump rallies. In the following video, I discuss the recent shooting at an anti-Trump rally last night in Seattle, and I also briefly cover events that took place at L.A. Valley College, where students were evacuated upon hearing gunshots. Finally, I ask the question everyone else should be asking: What portion of these “protests” are George Soros related, if not all of them?

Based on Soros’s history, we already have undeniable video evidence that George Soros funds many of these far left “protests,” many of which have resulted in cities being burned to the ground. We know Soros funds Black Lives Matter, who have promised to cause enough violence that Martial Law is required to restore order, specifically for the purpose of allowing Obama to stay in office.

We also can document George Soros’ history of paying young people to destroy property and foment violence at anti-trump rallies specifically, when half of them can’t even intelligently explain why they’re “demonstrating” in the first place. In one example, I explain how thousands of “protestors” are marching on issues that Donald Trump has never even spoke about that I’m aware of. The demonstrations are clearly organized, and intended to be disruptive, NOT to protest legitimate policy positions of the President-Elect.

So, how much of what is taking place is around the country is Soros responsible for? Why? An add was recently posted in Craig’s list offering to pay Hillary Supporters to riot at or near Union Square. The link that has been taken down was called, Hillary Supporters Needed (Union Square). You may recall, back in March, Trump Protesters Admitted to Answering Craigslist Ads That Paid Them $16/hr to Protest (Video).

We are witnessing the BEGINNING stages of another round of DOMESTIC TERRORISM, and one that is fully supported by Barack Hussein Obama, regardless of nonsense he spews on TV about a peaceful transition. If it was peace he wanted, he could have ANOTHER three hour meeting at the White House with Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson, in addition to the many he’s already had, but Obama will never do that.


How do we know Obama won’t do that? Because Obama knows talk is cheap, and the education most liberals have gotten is even cheaper, so he knows they can be easily duped with a quick sound bite claiming to want a peaceful transition, while allowing chaos to reign free.

Prepare yourselves folks. This is not going to be over quick. In fact, I suspect it won’t peak until inauguration, and that still assumed Obama leaves the White House. If the violence gets bad enough, he’s got all the reason he needs to declare a “public emergency,” and maintain his occupancy, and do so legally.


Fox Reports:

SEATTLE — Five people were injured and one of them is in critical condition after a shooting in Seattle Wednesday night that police said followed some kind of argument on the street.

Q13 in Seattle reports the shooting occurred at 3rd and Pine and stated the incident is not related to an anti-Trump protest happening Seattle Wednesday night. The shots were fired in an area that protesters had passed through much earlier in the night.

Police said the shooting appeared to be the result of some kind of argument that broke out between the gunman and several other people on the street. Witnesses report the man walked away but then turned back and opened fire before fleeing on foot.

Five people were struck by gunfire. While fire department officials initially stated two of them suffered life-threatening injuries, officials said later Wednesday that one individual was critically injured and the other four had non-critical injuries. The victims include four males and one female.

Fox 13 News will update this story as more details emerge.


LA Times Reports:

Police evacuated students at Los Angeles Valley College on Wednesday night as authorities investigated unconfirmed reports of shots fired on the campus.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter that officers were on scene and had so far found no evidence of a shooting or any victims.

The evacuations were occurring as a precaution as police spread through the campus on Fulton Avenue.

A Los Angeles police spokesman told City News Service that the department received reports from people who said they heard what sounded like gunshots on the campus.

A Sheriff’s Department official later said on Twitter that the noise might have actually been a car backfiring but that the search was continuing.

Valley College put out an alert stating: “LAVC is currently on lockdown due to an unspecified threat. If on campus, lock doors and shelter in place until further notice.”

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

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