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Media Blames Sexism for Gov. Hochul’s Unpopularity

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Published on: November 6, 2022

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And you can’t teach the media or the Left any new tricks.

So it’s back to this

Is gender bias hurting Kathy Hochul? – The first woman governor of New York is trailing among men, and political consultants said this is a very familiar “likeability” issue.

Men are more likely to vote Republican anyway. And they’re a whole lot less likely to vote based on “likeability”.

So is being a woman hurting Hochul at the polls? “That’s not the question, that’s a given,” said political consultant Alexis Grenell, who’s written extensively about gender and politics. “Zeldin has been attacking her for her lack of leadership. Women are more vulnerable to this kind of attack because every piece of data we have shows that the qualities and adjectives we associate with the leadership concept are coded as male.”

That’s some spectacular woke gibberish.

But I do like how Hochul’s victimhood is a given. A “lack of leadership” in this case means failing spectacularly at doing her job.

And that’s being kind.

People aren’t voting based on likability. They’re voting based on what’s going on in their lives and what they’re seeing around them. That includes crime and economic issues.

It takes a persistent tone deafness for the woke elites to circle back to “everything we don’t like is a biased social construct” nonsense that they’ve used to deconstruct society and terrorize everyone, but is actually meaningless sophomoric word games.

“I think it really goes to an unconscious bias,” said one woman in politics, who asked for anonymity because she wasn’t authorized to speak for her employer. “I think she’s much more likable than Hillary Clinton, but in an election where crime and public safety is the No. 1 issue, does it hurt her where she’s a woman, and not an aggressive man? Yes.”

What hurts Hochul is that she refuses to lock up criminals and insists on defending them instead.

That’s not a gender problem, that’s a leftist problem. And she’s not the only one taking a beating over it.

There’s certainly a gender gap in the polling. A mid-October Siena College poll found that Hochul is up on Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin 61-32 among women, but down 44-49 among men. An October Quinnipiac poll found a similarly huge gap – Hochul led Zeldin 57-39 among women, but trailed 41-55 among men. Some of that is just party identification – women skew Democratic. But in a Quinnipiac poll taken a month before the election in 2018, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo led Republican nominee Marc Molinaro 54-40 among men.

And absolutely nothing has changed since 2018. Not a thing. In the state or the country.

Therefore it’s proven that the only reason men aren’t voting for Hochul and are voting for Zeldin is because they’re sexists.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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