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Media Leaves Ferguson as New Evidence Shows Michael Brown as Aggressor

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Published on: August 23, 2014

While the bigger story in Ferguson to me has been the militarization of the police and the provocateurs in the community, the start of everything that has gone on was the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. As I have told many people, that issue is an issue for the justice system, not the court of public opinion. However, as more witnesses have come forward and as other witnesses have revised their stories, it appears that indeed Brown was the aggressor and now many in the media are packing up their cameras and heading out of Ferguson.

Jerome Corsi reports:

Many news media services already had begun packing tents and television transmission vehicles as word circulated through the Ferguson community of further evidence that the black teen shot and killed by a police officer was the aggressor, resisting arrest after his suspected role in a convenience store robbery.

During daylight hours Wednesday and Thursday, the streets of Ferguson were open to normal traffic and businesses throughout the city were active, with protesters in the streets numbering fewer than 50 at any given time.

Media have been cordoned off in the parking lot of a large shopping center at the corner of West Florissant Avenue and Lucas-Hunt Road, less than a mile from the site of the shooting.

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Following the autopsy of Michael Brown which confirmed that Michael Brown was not shot in the back, but rather took six shots to the front of his body and that Officer Darren Wilson, the policeman who shot Brown, suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket,” it appears that Brown was obviously the aggressor. To see what that looks like when police inflict this on citizens, see here and here.

Protests, rioting and looting resulted from the shooting. However, according to one pastor, what has transpired in Ferguson is not the Ferguson that he sees every day.

Passage Community Church pastor Joe Costephens told WND, “The Ferguson you see on the national news is different from the Ferguson I know.”

“There’s an emphasis on families in Ferguson and on community,” he continued. “We are definitely an interracial community, and I’m proud to minister to an interracial congregation.”

“While things were going crazy with the Michael Brown shooting on Sunday, we had a pool party in my neighborhood, and it was half-white and half-black,” he added. “It was a beautiful thing, families loving one another, both races, with a sense of community.”

Pastor Costephens was not out to jump to conclusions about what happened in the Michael Brown shooting. He said, “The thing I’ve addressed to the congregation is that we’re not here to make a political or a social statement; we are here to minister to people, and we’re going to wait until all the facts are out and let the system that’s in place decide right and wrong.”

I agree with Costephens. The law is to determine right and wrong, and that law is based upon God’s unchanging moral law. Often the court of public opinion condemns someone before a thorough investigation can be performed and there be a trial. In this case, Brown will obviously not face a trial because he is dead, but Officer Wilson is still very much alive and will face investigation in the matter to determine if he acted lawfully or not.

Apparently, since there doesn’t seem to be a story that the press can use to rile the people of Ferguson up more, the media has decided to pack up and leave town. The question I have is, why are they not pursuing the response of law enforcement or the stand down order given to them when they were witnessing lawbreakers? Why not pursue the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bang grenades on citizens who were protesting? Why is the media not pursuing the provocateurs who infiltrated some of the protests? Why are they not digging into the Obama administration’s involvement in the entire fiasco? My thoughts are that they are complicit in the matter. Just take a look at how CNN failed to even notice a sign that “ISIS is here” following reporter Jake Tapper as he reported live.

It’s time for a new media that will tell the truth, and it looks like the tyrannical federal government, led by Senator Frau Dianne Feinstein, is attempting to redefine who would even be protected as a journalist under the First Amendment. This movement must be squashed immediately, but the only ones to do it are you and me.

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