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Media Manipulation & The Nomination Of Another Gun Grabber

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Published on: May 25, 2019

Most conservatives, before the 2016 presidential election, believed there was an effort to undermine America and transform the constitutional republic we love into a socialist nightmare. The mass media presented us with the dramatics of a Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton narrative where most people believed electing Trump was critical to saving our nation. To be fair, this was a legitimate assumption. After eight years of Obama, the prospects of continued Democrat governance were terrifying, to say the least. Immediately after Trump’s victory, we were treated to continued theatrical drama of Russian collusion investigations and constant resistance to anything Trump said or did. In what was probably very predictable behavior, the more the media presented resistance to Trump, the more the so-called right loved and supported him. This was by design.

There were problems that presented themselves with the idea that Trump was the constitutional conservative we were all hoping for. First of all, the man was close friends with Bill Clinton for years. They were such good friends in fact that while Trump was promising to arrest Hillary, he had a phone conversation with Bill where he was being encouraged to run for president. Explain that one.

The media, along with the Washington D.C. establishment, had gone to great lengths to convince the nation that Trump’s positions are so conservative that they must be resisted on every level. The confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, for example, were presented to the public in a spectacular side show complete with false sexual abuse allegations and accusations of gang rape. They also attempted to portray Kavanaugh as a pro-life conservative who was a threat to the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion on the federal level. This simply wasn’t true. This writer, along with others, tried to expose the fact that Kavanaugh was assuring key senators during this fiasco that he would not vote against Roe v. Wade because it was established law. Furthermore, Kavanaugh proved this to be the case when he recently joined the liberals on the court in declining to hear a case concerning Planned Parenthood funding. Kavanaugh has consistently sided with the liberals since being seated incidentally.

We are currently being treated to another show concerning William Barr and his so-called investigation into the “deep-state coup” alleging Trump of colluding with the Russians. The truth about Barr is that he is an anti-gun swamp creature who said as plain as day in his confirmation hearings that he supports red-flag gun confiscation laws. As this writer has mentioned before, there are bills in the works that authorize this man to grant states tax-payer dollars to pass their own gun confiscation laws. People, however, are currently cheering him on because they believe he is working against the Democrats due to the media narrative being fed to us.

Just this past Friday Donald Trump nominated another anti-second amendment swamp dweller to be the ATF director. Be ready to be treated to another superficial bazaar designed to appease the right by showing us how much Trump and everything he does is hated by the left. By the time these confirmation hearings are over, they will have you begging your senator to confirm him.

By staging fake opposition and staged protests to Donald Trump, the media is masterfully manipulating the public into believing things that are not true and accepting things they normally wouldn’t. As this writer mentioned in his book Psychopolitics in America: A Nation Under Conquest, the effects of television and mass media on the brain have been understood for decades. Manipulating the public through mass media has become an art form mastered by the globalists to the point where many of us refuse to even consider it a possibility.

In an article entitled “Television addiction is no mere metaphor,” Robert Kubey and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi highlight the fact that the brain goes into a severe state of relaxation when exposed to television for too long. This is because the brains more primitive functioning is activated. According to the authors, the television kicks in our brain’s natural response to predatory threats, meaning our bodies become very relaxed while our brains absorb the information around us for survival purposes. Thus, the more relaxed we become the more what we see on television seems real. This is called our orientating response.

“What is it about TV that has such a hold on us? In part, the attraction seems to spring from our biological “orienting response.” First described by Ivan Pavlov in 1927, the orienting response is our instinctive visual or auditory reaction to any sudden or novel stimulus. It is part of our evolutionary heritage, a built-in sensitivity to movement and potential predatory threats. Typical orienting reactions include dilation of the blood vessels to the brain, slowing of the heart, and constriction of blood vessels to major muscle groups. Alpha waves are blocked for a few seconds before returning to their baseline level, which is determined by the general level of mental arousal. The brain focuses its attention on gathering more information while the rest of the body quiets.” (Kubev & Csikszentmihalyi, 2002)

Scientists have been studying people’s reactions to media since the 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Millions of Americans believed we were being invaded by aliens as a result. The social scientists of the time jumped on the opportunity to study this reaction which likely contributed to further research on human behavior and our reactions to media.

“Such rare occurrences provide opportunities for social scientists to study mass behavior. They must be exploited when they come. Although the social scientists, unfortunately, cannot usually predict such situations and have his tools of investigations ready to analyze the phenomena while it is still on the wing, he can begin his work before the effects of the crisis are over and memories are blurred. The situation created by the broadcast was one which shows us how the common man reacts in a time of stress and strain. It gives us insight into his intelligence, his anxieties and his needs, which we would never get by tests or strictly experimental studies.” –Cantril, The invasion from Mars: A study on the psychology of panic

In this author’s last article, many policy positions were highlighted showing how the left’s agenda is being advanced with little resistance by the right. America is an entertainment addicted nation and the powers that be understand this. On the left, you have constant opposition to Trump because he is supposedly so conservative, and on the right side of the spectrum you have nothing but a mundane analysis of how much the left allegedly hates him. Neither Limbaugh nor Levin has mentioned anything about Barr’s support for red flag laws, for example. Instead, he is presented by the right as the knight in shining armor sweeping down to save Trump and restore justice. In the meantime, Trump nominates another gun grabber, and no one notices. Little by little, step by step, the gun confiscation agenda advances.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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