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Meet Injustice Elena Kagan: The Most Unqualified Speaks The Loudest (Video)

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Published on: June 1, 2022

“She has never judged a case a day in her life.”

One of the most wicked, vilest persons has been appointed to the highest court in the land (Psalm 12:8).

Of course, they (The senators and powers that are tolerated) want you to believe that she is experienced and qualified.  Yet, nothing could be further from the truth, she has never judged a case a day in her life; not a one.

She was appointed by another immoral sodomite and foreigner named Barack Hussein Obama. Her name is Elena Kagan.

Some might say that this is way over the top when it comes to highlighting these two reprobates (Romans 1:24), but the fact is that they are not ashamed of their perversions and whoredoms, nor have they hid them.  In fact, they have promoted them (Jeremiah 6:15).

Elena Kagan is the former dean of students at Harvard. Contrary to Harvard’s founding mottos, “For Christ and the Church” and “For the Glory of Christ,” Kagan was known for “Queerifying Harvard.”

During her tenure, she did the following:

Kagan hired former ACLU lawyer William Rubenstein to teach “queer” legal theory, in which he taught courses on taking up new identities such as bisexuality, transgender f**k, and involving polygamy, sadomasochism and the sexuality of minors.

Kagan also hired other radicals (a lesbian and a transsexual) to teach transgender law courses, as well as Cass Sunstein who has written in support of polygamy and free-for-all marriage relationships.

Kagan viciously attacked our military in opposition to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” even banning military recruiters from campus. Kagan’s attempt to ban the recruiters was unsuccessful, and even after losing her legal campaign, she encouraged students to continue protesting them.

Kagan’s radical activism on campus was so toxic that there was even a campaign to make the entire university trans-inclusive, using Harvard’s “gender identity” non-discrimination policy to spew gender confusion among students on campus.

Elena Kagan had never judged a case a day in her life.  Yet, Obama, unqualified for office himself, saw fit to “qualify” her on the Supreme Court bench

What do you expect will come from such a person as this (John 8:44)?

Pay attention and you will see (Matthew 7:16).

She is the one speaking the loudest!

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