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William Mohr II is a Christian Patriot seeking restoration of the foundation of our Nation under God and for His Glory. Husband and Father of 4 little arrows, business owner and contractor. He is currently the chairman of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan ( MI Constitution Party).

John Klar is an attorney, farmer, and writer from Vermont. Author of Small Farm Republic.

Cassandra McBride is the youngest of four girls, her father’s last hope for a boy; she became her father’s shadow, his hunting buddy, and his fishing friend. With both parents enlisted in the U.S. Navy, she was fortunate enough to spend her youth camping in the Appalachians, hiking the Olympics, and exploring beaches on the East and West coasts.

At the age of ten, she took up archery but never once recovered an arrow released from her bow. Her father, in an attempt to keep the family from going poor replacing poorly-shot arrows, took her to the gun range for the first time. His .410 in hand, she began hitting target after target. She excelled with the small shotgun, and it grew into a passion.

After passing her hunting certifications at 13, she was gifted her first firearm, an antiquated 16 gauge shotgun. It was weathered, held together only by aging electrical tape, but with it, she began shooting competitively. Over the years, she has enjoyed growing as a marksman and expanding her knowledge of firearms and ammunition.

She developed a new passion for writing as a Criminology major in college. She enjoyed researching and analyzing complex data sets and implementing them in real-world applications. After getting married and having children, she fell into published writing as a hobby and has since made it a career.

She spends her free time reading classic literature, kayaking, fishing, and spending time on the range with her husband and four children. She continues to grow her knowledge of firearms and ammunition while taking immense pride in educating others on a passion sparked in childhood and maintained in adulthood.

Judi Caler is a citizen activist working to defend our Constitution from those who would risk it at an Article V constitutional convention. She serves as Article V Issues Director for Eagle Forum of California.

Mike lives in the state of Michigan. he is the owner of several businesses and is currently involved in exposing the crime and corruption in government from the White House on down to the local levels. Mike has won against the mask mandates in court. He is also willing to teach anyone how they can fight against corrupt government in the judicial system.

Robin has been a long haul trucker since 1996, has her ear to the ground, eyes on the road, and finger on the pulse – reporting timely insights and observations on supply chains and the trucking industry.

Johnny Cirucci is the publisher of He is a prolific author and exposes the Vatican and Roman Catholicism, as well as preaches the true, saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a guest on many radio shows, as well as a contributor to both and The Sons of Liberty Radio.

Michael Roth is a doctor of chiropractic with extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and health. With a goal to glorify the Lord, he continues to research and help educate the public regarding the best methods for gaining and maintaining of dynamic health. Excellent heavy metal/graphene oxide detox and nutritional formulations can be found at: