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Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine

Greg is 71, married 45 years with 3 kids and 10 grandkids. He spent 3+ years in the US Navy and was privileged to have been on the ship ( USS VANCOUVER) from which the US Marines were able to evacuate Saigon in 1975. Then 4 1/2 yrs college. Greg became involved in politics after rediscovering the John Birch Society and took an interest in how Agenda 21 affected us at the local level and with help from great patriots in Minnesota, slowly began to gather information on the WHO, WHY, AND HOW of the UN-backed enemy. Through this and other sources, he hopes to share information with others around the country and help them set up protections in their own Communities. Check out his website at

Cody Christian Heer is an American businessman and concerned citizen! He grew up in the conservative state of Bismarck, ND; around hardworking people who also played hard, hunting and fishing the Missouri River Basin. Though more of his interest was in entrepreneurial activities, like raising 16 colonies of honeybees and working for a commercial apiary with several thousand hives, in his teens. He was exposed to over-regulations of some chemicals that prevented bee diseases and “regulatory taking” in his current industry of oil and gas extraction. Those inequities experienced, have spring boarded his desire to become more politically active and communicate ideas for change! Cody lives in the USA and is married to Susana Heer, an Ecuadorian born Geologist and Petroleum engineer.

Jason Fyk is a father, husband, and patriot. He has as unique a mind as he has a last name. Many lawyers, scholars and even judges have made a mess of Section 230 that has led to the constitutional crisis we all see today. Social media plays an integral role in free speech. This one man has persevered through mockery, hardship and personal loss to cut the gordian knot which is section 230. Now, Fyk is ready at the door for a Supreme Court battle and it appears Justice Clarence Thomas gave him the green light. When all others gave up, this man kept going relentlessly. If he succeeds in solving the legal issues of section 230, he will have almost single handedly and fundamentally corrected the course of America.

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