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Mike lives in the state of Michigan. he is the owner of several businesses and is currently involved in exposing the crime and corruption in government from the White House on down to the local levels. Mike has won against the mask mandates in court. He is also willing to teach anyone how they can fight against corrupt government in the judicial system.

Robin has been a long haul trucker since 1996, has her ear to the ground, eyes on the road, and finger on the pulse – reporting timely insights and observations on supply chains and the trucking industry.

Johnny Cirucci is the publisher of He is a prolific author and exposes the Vatican and Roman Catholicism, as well as preaches the true, saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a guest on many radio shows, as well as a contributor to both and The Sons of Liberty Radio.

Michael Roth is a doctor of chiropractic with extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and health. With a goal to glorify the Lord, he continues to research and help educate the public regarding the best methods for gaining and maintaining of dynamic health. Excellent heavy metal/graphene oxide detox and nutritional formulations can be found at:

Karen Melton Stewart worked as an intelligence analyst with a Top Secret security clearance for the National Security Agency for 28 years when she was suddenly slandered, libeled, and forced out after reporting a honeypot being run in the NSA Weapons and Space Directorate by a compromised Security Group and IG Office to entrap and blackmail senior management. NSA has been so desperate to destroy her to keep her quiet that they instructed the FBI Fusion Centers to target her as a “terrorist” to include utilizing electronic weapons, for merely asking why another woman received credit for her award-winning work on a project saving thousands of lives and her double promotion for it.

Keith Haskell has always been labeled, Champion to the Underdogs!
He has a vast background as a man with many hats including decades in public and private safety and a small businessperson since early 1990’s At one point, employing over 40 full time men and women in his privates security & investigative company.
After some personal experiences with governmental over reach in his business and personal life, Keith hung up his Fire~Rescue boots and strapped on the boots as an advocate if not even activist, once again, for the Underdog!
Today, in addition to his detailing business-Keith has taken on the full time role as an Investigator with the National Action Task Force (NATF) and their State Coordinator in Minnesota.
Keith is an accomplished public speaker, and former pro wrestling ring announcer, that uses these talents and skills, combined with his investigative experience – to expose, fight, and ultimately correct, the wayward city councils and rouge school boards.

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