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Michele Bachmann: Clinton Foundation is “An International Money Laundering Ring”

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Published on: May 8, 2015

The Clinton Foundation has come under scrutiny over the past few months with the scandal concerning Hillary Clinton’s personal email server being used for State Department business. This week, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann said the Clinton Foundation was nothing more than an international money laundering ring.

In speaking with Newsmax TV, Bachmann said, “This is the most transparent family in the United States, right? The woman who won’t hand over her server, who wasn’t supposed to do her government work on that server in the first place, who violated department rules… who, in all likelihood, probably violated US federal rules, which have criminal penalties, and also prohibits her from running for office again.”

“Then she decided on her on how many tens of thousands of emails she would delete,” Bachmann continued. “So, we know from her past history as the Secretary of State, columnists…. In DC have called Mrs. Clinton a congenital, serial liar. So, in all likelihood, she hasn’t changed her stripes.”

Bachmann then added, “This Clinton Foundation, which is, in effect, an international money laundering ring to benefit the Clintons personally… remember this is tax-exempt, so it is the easiest way to get big dollars in the Clinton world, where they literally fly around the world on private jets and live the life of potentates. It’s really a heady lifestyle to be used to as President of the United States flying around on Air Force One. They really don’t like to give up that lifestyle.”

So what’s the best way for the Clinton’s to continue that sort of lifestyle? According to Bachmann, it’s to start an international foundation in order for people who believe that it is for a specific cause to give money, when it is really to help a couple of Arkansas Marxists live like a king and queen.

“They use poor people as human shields for their pompous lifestyle,” Bachmann concluded.

The Federalist agrees with Bachmann’s assessment:

Multiple Canadian tax and privacy law experts contacted by The Federalist, the Washington Post, and BloombergPolitics said there was no such blanket prohibition on public disclosure of charitable donor identities. While Canada does include a ban on the release of donor information in the course of commercial activity, it specifically exempts fundraising from that definition. And because the public disclosure of a donor’s name doesn’t include any transaction or consideration, it’s not considered to be commercial activity.

The Clinton Foundation’s deliberate misinterpretation of Canadian privacy law in order to rationalize its secrecy raises several questions, chief among them: why? Why go to all this effort to hide years’ worth of million-dollar donations from foreign citizens and foreign governments? Donations which were almost certainly being made while Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State, and almost certainly with the intent to influence her decisions?

The answer is an easy one, albeit one that is highly uncomfortable: for the past several years, the Clinton Foundation has basically been a foreign money-laundering operation. The scheme works like this: collect millions of dollars in foreign money, dump it into a foreign charity, pretend that the law prohibits you from ever disclosing the identities of those foreign donors to the foreign charity, then have the foreign charity bundle all the cash and send it to the Clinton Foundation. Then, when the time comes–whether it be a Clinton Foundation conference or a lavish Clinton Foundation trip overseas–make sure those individuals get some me-time with the Clintons.

While the video is courtesy of the knuckleheads over at Right Wing Watch, the reality is probably a lot more sinister than even Bachmann imagines. I agree with her assessment that the Clintons are using the Clinton Foundation and the money that is contributed to it for their own personal use and lifestyle, there is probably much more going on behind the scenes than even she realizes. Clinton didn’t delete 30,000 emails just to fund a lifestyle.

The Clinton Foundation is not only tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, but even Clinton’s own aide, Huma Abedin, is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and is facing a lawsuit to disclose her emails during Clinton’s time at the State Department.

There’s more going on here than meets the eye.

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