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Michigan: County Board Supports ‘Impeachment of Governor’ Whitmer Over Unlawful CoVID Orders

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Published on: November 27, 2020

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer continues to defy the state and US Constitution, even when ruled against on multiple occasions by the Michigan Supreme Court.  This has now led to not only a growing list of representatives seeking her impeachment but also bringing articles of impeachment against her.  A county in Michigan is throwing its support behind the impeachment

Fox News reports:

A county in northern Michigan threw its support behind a resolution put forward by three Republican members of Michigan’s House of Representatives calling for the impeachment of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week.

Despite Michigan Speaker of the House Rep. Lee Chatfield, a fellow GOP member condemning the resolution, the Kalkaska County Board of Commissioners voted four to two in favor of supporting the effort Friday, reported Michigan Live.

Whitmer has come under fire for her restrictions on businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, further angering Republicans after she and the Department of Health and Human Services issued a three-week order limiting indoor social gatherings last week.

Rep. Beau M. LaFave tweeted, “Today I introduced Articles of Impeachment against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The four articles of impeachment against Gov. Whitmer include failing to respect the separation of powers by exercising power granted to the legislative branch, violating the constitutional rights of the people of Michigan, issuing executive orders against the interests of the people and state, and using state resources to reward political allies.”

Constitutional attorney Katherine Henry tweeted out against Whitmer’s continued abuses against those gathering for worship on Thanksgiving Day, “But even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten…we hold that enforcement of the Governor’s severe restrictions on…religious services must be enjoined.”

The day before, she reminded everyone of the One that set me free in the first place.

“Standfast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free & do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” Gal 5:1 I’m thankful for all patriots stepping up this year to fight to Restore Freedom and our God-given, Constitutionally-protected liberties.”

The continued abuses of power by Governor Whitmer deem her unfit for office. She should be arrested and tried, and if found guilty, which she will be, she should be immediately hanged in public before the people to put the fear of God in the heart of any would be tyrant in the future.

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