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Michigan Judge Dismisses Conspiracy Charges Against Muslim Doctors Who Engaged In Female Genital Mutilation

When the government imports “refugees” and allows almost unfettered immigration, including illegal alien invasion, these individuals bring with them the values and practices of their culture with little interest in assimilation.  This has been played out time and again in various cities around the republic.  Instead of assimilating to the culture of the rule of law under duly passed legislation in compliance with the Constitution for the united States of American and various States’ constitutions, these individuals want to operate under a law foreign to this republic and anathema to our founding documents.

In particular, this applies to certain groups of individuals whose cultural practices include female genital mutilation.  Recently, a Detroit, Michigan federal judge dismissed charges against two physicians involving a victim of female genital mutilation.  If anyone does not understand what female genital mutilation involves, a brief description follows.  Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or what some call female circumcision involves the partial or complete removal of the clitoris on a female child.  In most cases, the tissue that surrounded the clitoris is then sutured closed.  Normally, this occurs during the childhood years of a female child or in a young woman before marriage.

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The Daily Caller reported:

A Detroit federal judge dismissed charges against two doctors regarding a victim of female genital mutilation, according to the Associated Press.

Doctors Jumana Nagarwala and Fakhruddin Attar were dismissed of conspiracy in transporting a minor with the intent of criminal activity by U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman on Sunday.

According to Friedman, prosecutors have observed that these girls were not subject to “libidinal gratification” that was “sought or obtained” due to genital mutilation.

The doctors still face other charges. Dr.’s Nagarwala and Attar are accused of conducting FGM on girls at Attar’s clinic in Livonia, which is located near Detroit.

Nagarwala contends she has not committed a crime, and that she proceeded on these girls in correlation with religious custom of her Muslim sect.

The judge dismissed the charge of conspiracy in transporting a minor with the intent of criminal activity.  Is child abuse, which cutting or mutilating the genitals would be considered abuse, not a crime?  What does “libidinal gratification” have to do with mutilating a child, which is abuse?  Absolutely nothing.  By our laws in this republic, this is child abuse any way you slice it or dice it.  Considering one of the doctors is using “religious custom” of the Muslim sect to which she belongs, this doctor is attempting to have Islamic Sharia law trump our republic’s constitutional and criminal laws.  The premise being, “it’s part of their religion and the First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion.”

Well, Islam or no Islam, child abuse in this republic is a crime.  If any other individual had committed conspiracy to transport a minor child with the intent of criminal activity, the judge would have proceeded with exacting justice through due process upon the perpetrator.  Instead, Judge Friedman pulled a dismissal based on some hare-brained idea out of his keister when he should hold to Michigan law.  But, Judge Friedman is still allowing the charges against Attar and Nagarwala to stand for performing FGM procedures at Attar’s clinic.  Guess that is something.

What the fudge is wrong with this judge?  Are all perpetrators who conspire to transport a minor child with the intent of criminal activity going to get a dismissal if going before Judge Friedman?  Or, is Judge Friedman cowing to and endorsing Sharia law over the laws in this republic out of fear, ignorance, stupidity or all three?

Feminists are up in arms… oh wait;  no they aren’t.  Here is the perfect opportunity for feminists to stand up for the rights of women and girls to not undergo mutilation because of some antiquated, Muhammad lunacy.  But, they are silent, cowering, when there is zero risk to standing in opposition to a real issue concerning the rights of women and girls.  Yet,  they jump out donning pink “horned” hats for any non-issue imaginable walking in the street or occupying a parking lot for a petulant pity party and whine fest.

Where are American medical doctors in standing up against this practice by a woman who claims to be a doctor and practices Islam?  Attar too.  They are nowhere to be found either.  The least that should be done to these two morons is for the Board of Physicians to strip them of their license to practice medicine without the possibility of ever attaining it again.  And how stupid does one have to be to hold a medical degree and perform an FGM procedure on girls and young women?  Actually, one would have had to sleep through the entirety of medical school.  How many Cracker Jack boxes did those ignoramuses go through before they found a license to practice medicine in one?  This certainly should be deserving of deporting these backward camel eating nut jobs back to their country of origin.

Then, this woman has no remorse whatsoever!  There is not one single medical reason to perform FGM;  yet, this woman declares “she committed no crime.”  This should speak volumes on how some Muslims refuse to assimilate to our laws and culture, preferring to live in the stupidity of the 14th century following the rants of a raving lunatic who committed every crime imaginable then had the audacity to claim he was a messenger of Allah – Allah of the underworld definitely, but not the one true living God.

And then there is the judge.  God have mercy on his soul for allowing even one charge to be dismissed against the utter Satanic evil these two quacker jacks are committing.  Judge Friedman needs to be impeached, end of story.  Those prosecutors need to be fired and sent back to law school if they can’t make a case stick involving conspiracy of transporting a minor child for criminal activity or abuse.  Anyone with an elementary school level education could have made a legal case without training to get that to stick.

It is bad judges and prosecutors such as is in this case that will allow our laws to be subverted by some obscure “it’s my religion” garbage because the religion is Islam that will allow crimes to be committed against girls and young women.  Funny how the “it’s my religion” stance only works when it involves Islam.  Well, if Judge Friedman cannot see clearly to exact full justice upon these two child abusers and the prosecutors don’t have the wherewithal to make the conspiracy charges stick, the judge and prosecutors should go ahead and don that millstone necklace and have a nice long swim in Lake Michigan.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

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