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Midnight Super Bowl Document Release: 178-Page FBI Hillary Clinton Emails – Wait till You See What’s on Page 55!

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Published on: February 4, 2017

It appears that a 178-page FBI Clinton Email Document was quietly released on Super Bowl weekend, but discovered by internet researcher Katica.  Keep in mind that FBI Director James Comey knew Hillary Clinton broke the law with her illegal personal email server, and yet recommended that no charges be made against Mrs. Clinton.  President Donald Trump has kept him on at the FBI, as well.  Titled “Part 06 of 06,” this document seems to be very interesting, and I suspect there is a good reason for why the leak would have occurred at a time when Americans are busy watching the circus and eating bread.

Whatever is happening with the release of these documents, Katica is on top of things.  She has set up a notification alert that notifies when the FBI host data site is updated.  The document is visible from the FBI archives, which you can view here, or you can simply scroll down for a copy of the document, which was downloaded by Sundance and uploaded for view at Scribd.  Now, Hillary Clinton‘s illegal emails are once again going to be front and center if the media would just pick up on it.

From the Conservative Treehouse, Sundance breaks down the important points, and it looks like page 55 could not only point out more of Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity, but also expose Director Comey in a coverup of her crimes.

  • Pages 11 and 12, outline an interview conducted as an outcome of a “walk in” to the FBI office by a long-term government official inside the Department of State who provided physical evidence and gave a statement.
  • Page 55 is really interesting because it shows the results of a forensic examination on July 15th 2016 which discovered 1,539 work related emails between Clinton and Huma Abedin that were not turned over to the State Department.   The 7/15/16 date is important because this discovery was AFTER FBI Director James Comey gave the press conference stating the FBI did not -at that time- have evidence to support a criminal finding.
  • Page 80 Justin Cooper surfaces again.  Some people suspect Cooper was cooperating with the FBI for much longer than it originally appeared.  I agree with that suspicion.
  • Page 122 Interview Notes that appear to be related to page 80 (JC).
  • Page 130/131 Interview notes from a [REDACTED] caller (annoyingly redacted).
  • Page 139 Appears to be interview notes related to the discovery of Paul Combetta aka “Stonetear” on Reddit.  Date of interview November 17th 2016, post election.
  • Pages 150+ there are multiple pages of hand written interview notes by the FBI investigators.  Based on the notes, it appears some of these latter FBI interviews were quite lengthy.

Take a look for yourself at what was leaked and ask yourself, if President Donald Trump is keeping James Comey on and has already made steps to back off of hard talk about prosecuting Hillary Clinton, if he will keep this campaign pledge to do so, considering he has kept Comey on at the FBI.

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