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Midterms 2018: We’re Suckers For Punishment

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Published on: November 8, 2018

If there’s one thing that this week’s midterm election has made unfortunately but abundantly clear, it’s that the American people have apparently not suffered enough under the hard-line leftists who control the Democratic Party. Although there was no national “blue wave” as predicted by some Democrats, that party now has a majority in the House of Representatives.

At the very least, we can now be ensured of the agenda of President Donald Trump getting as bogged down as the Democratic leadership are able to manage. At worst, they will find a way, by legal hook or by criminal crook, to oust the president.

More than the dark political machinations this portends, the midterm election underscores the superficiality with which the American electorate appraises political candidates, as well as a dynamic I have for some time suspected was in play, but in which assessment I hoped that I had erred.

Barring widespread election fraud, many in our electorate appear to have succumbed to the unprecedented mobilization and duplicitous entreaties of Democratic candidates and their surrogates and elected enough Democrats to turn the House. Democrats also gained in other areas, which I’ll get to shortly.

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In considering the following assessment, we do need to bear in mind that the majority of voters are not political ideologues. Many of these voted for Donald Trump in 2016 for reasons I’ve made clear in this space, reasons which are fairly evident to politically engaged voters. The problem is that in addition to their superficial assessment of candidates for office, they also fail to see the overall designs of the political left and the more global dynamic, which involves operators across all strata of government, political action committees (PACs) and powerful donors.

Something that became apparent (rather than highly suspected) to me and many of my colleagues only after the end of former President Barack Obama’s two terms was the extent to which his ethnicity played into his being elected two times. Yes, it demonstrated great social achievement that Americans were willing to elect a black man to the office of president, but it did not become apparent to many of us that his ethnicity was the chief reason millions voted for him once, and then again despite him significantly deepening the economic crisis that had been largely brought about by powerful Democrats, entrenched activists and Deep State interests. Finally, it was Trump’s 2016 election itself which demonstrated that it was Obama’s sacrosanct ethnic status that precluded Americans’ criticism of him despite how deeply dissatisfied they were with the status quo during Obama’s reign.

With this dynamic in play, voters remained susceptible to a biased press and campaign rhetoric during this year’s election cycle, regardless of their ongoing support for Trump.

The troublesome factor to which I alluded earlier – our not having suffered enough under Democrats – is evidenced by the degree to which voters were willing to embrace Democrats this week in direct proportion to their lack of suffering between 2008 and 2016.

A highly illustrative object lesson is the state of Colorado, in which I reside. Colorado suffered far less than other states after the severe economic downturn spurred by the subprime mortgage crisis, and bounced back much faster. Additionally, it is from the Democrat-controlled, wealthier counties (which suffered even less economically than most of the state) in Colorado that the new generation of political power players now hail.

As a result, on Tuesday, Coloradoans elected Jared Polis, a Democrat, as their governor. What’s being celebrated is the fact that he is the first openly gay man to be elected as governor of a state. This in itself evidences the superficial level at which we currently operate.

Far more significant is that Polis, formerly a U.S. representative, had long been recognized by conservatives as one of the most dangerous socialists in Congress. Polis changed his surname years ago, in part to shield himself from a documented charge of workplace violence against a woman, and in part because his surname sounded just a little too much like the Yiddish slang for semen.

It’s a safe bet that most Colorado voters had no knowledge of any of this, however. The conservative press in Colorado is practically nonexistent, and the state has been positively deluged with outside money provided by leftist power players over the last decade, among them billionaire activist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros.

Polis is a very shrewd player and correctly reasoned that if an ugly black guy with highly questionable politics and a dark back story could get elected president if he marketed himself correctly, then an ugly gay guy with highly questionable politics and a dark back story could certainly get elected as governor of Colorado.

The bottom line is that the American electorate, in addition to being ignorant of the scope of the political game being played, simply have no idea of how bad things can get under leftists. I could not reside in a nation like Great Britain, France, Germany, or Sweden, where there are (among many other abominable conditions brought about by the left) Muslim “no-go” zones, rape gangs, child sex trafficking rings, no recourse for law-abiding citizens, and politicians who catalyzed it all declaring that everything is wonderful and to say otherwise is racist and, in some cases, punishable by law. I would probably become a violent vigilante in such a place.

Nor do voters know how quickly the positive things achieved by one American president can be undone by another, particularly when the entire Washington Beltway is dedicated to transforming this nation from a representative republic into an oligarchical collective.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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