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You Might Be a Racist, Bigot, or Islamophobe If…

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Published on: September 19, 2014

As the old saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine.” There is nothing like a good comedian or comedienne doing stand-up comedy for producing side-splitting, tear-jerking, uproarious laughter. America has lost its iconic comedienne, Joan Rivers, in what most would describe “under unusual circumstances.” Her biting wit will surely be missed.

With Joan Rivers symbolic of the iconic comedienne, another stand-up comic has become symbolic for highlighting some of the more outrageous acts involving southerners. “You might be a redneck, if…” rocked Jeff Foxworthy to fame with many individuals creating their own criteria for classifying “rednecks.” He never fails to find humor in the everyday, mundane life details that hit home with everyone, not just southerners.

Following in the footsteps of Foxworthy, although not being very humorous, leftist liberals have invented their own version of “might be a redneck.” Commonly known as “You might be a racist, bigot, or an Islamophobe, if..,” liberals break every opposition to any government policy or “progressive” ideology down to being a racist or a bigot. When anyone opposes Islam, the dreaded label of “Islamophobe” is applied.

Here are a few examples that might qualify someone as a racist, bigot or Islamophobe, according to the leftist liberals.

  • If you don’t like Obama because of his policies, character or actions, you might be a racist, bigot or Islamophobe.
  • If you oppose an open border and amnesty for illegal aliens residing in the United States, you might be a racist, bigot or Islamophobe.
  • If you support enforcement of the immigration laws of the US, you might be a racist, bigot or Islamophobe.
  • If you oppose Shariah law in the United States, you might be a racist, bigot or Islamophobe.
  • If you Support equity of the law and equality under the law;
  • Believe that blacks can be racists;
  • Deny “climate change science;”
  • Believe “Michelle is a tranny” and Obama is gay or Muslim or both;
  • Oppose the welfare, police states;
  • Subscribe to the thinking Muslims are terrorist and Islam is anything but a “religion of peace;”
  • Are a Christian, a conservative or both;
  • Support the Second Amendment and oppose “common sense” gun control;
  • Support the limitation on government outlined in the Constitution;
  • Disagree with the Ninth Circuit Court in upholding the Morgan Hill School Principal’s action of making students wearing shirts with the image of the American Flag change shirts or turn the shirts inside out on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) so not to “offend” Latino students;
  • Support Israel in their fight to exist with terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah attacking her;
  • Oppose sending American troops to “fight” Ebola;
  • Uphold the traditional definition of marriage;
  • Oppose the murder of babies in the womb;
  • Do not believe the numerous scandals surrounding the Obama administration are “phony;”
  • Hold the opinion that the looting, riotous crowds in Ferguson, Missouri violated the law when they broke into stores, destroyed property and carried off merchandise, instead of recognizing they had a grievance against the city;
  • Believe there is such a thing as “black against white” crimes;
  • Oppose Obamacare;
  • Oppose Agenda 21 and do not subscribe to the environmentalist mindset;
  • Oppose NSA spying on American citizens, TSA molestation before boarding an airplane and the all-around surveillance state;
  • Are any political party other than Democrat;
  • Refuse to subscribe to the “legacy of slavery” defense for crime;
  • Believe Common Core is nothing but a mechanism to “dumb down” our children;
  • Believe the display of Christian crosses in cemeteries and public are protected under the First Amendment;
  • Support the display of the American Flag;
  • Support reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in school and/or being an advocate of prayer in school;
  • Hold to the belief that children do not belong to the state and are the responsibility of the parents;
  • Believe that severely hampering electrical production through the “war on coal” is detrimental to the US;
  • Believe the main stream media is the propaganda arm of government; and,
  • Believe the United States is not a Muslim country with a Shariah compliant Constitution and the US was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, you might be a racist, bigot or Islamophobe.

Subscribing to any of these examples could get one branded a racist, bigot or Islamophobe – maybe all three. All of this would be funny if it were not the current attitude among many in America today. America has become divided along every difference imaginable.

In order to combat the growing division in America today, it is important to stand firm in our beliefs, fear no name-calling or labeling, and confront those who seek to destroy this nation with their flavor of the month ideology. The Chinese buffet mentality regarding our Constitution and our just and constitutional laws must be closed. It’s time to tell those who seek to destroy our country that regardless of the efforts to shame us into silence, we will not be silent. What better way to tell these individuals we stand firm than by listing our beliefs and claiming the unjust labels applied.

This list is definitely not all-inclusive. Many more examples abound and new ones are sure to surface with the midterm elections a few weeks away.

So, take your best shot and finish the phrase “You might be a racist, bigot or Islamophobe, if ….

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