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Mike Adams – Now is the Time to Double-Down on Preparation

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Published on: December 7, 2016

After enduring 18 months of the “presidential reality show,” it looks like we are still in an extra-inning contest, the fact that Donald J Trump legally won the 2016 US Presidential election notwithstanding.  To further increase the pain, the left has virtually lost their collective minds and launched protest rallies (some violent), threatened members of the Electoral College not to vote for Trump (obviously violent), threatened to assassinate President-Elect Trump (violent and treasonous), initiated a vote recount in at least 3 states through their surrogates; and convinced a handful of states to consider leaving the Union altogether.  We are truly living in exciting and dangerous times–ones that may result in another civil war.

To any casual observer, it is apparent that George Soros and his not-so-merry band of miscreants are hell-bent on bringing down America. This writer doesn’t think that they will be successful, but there are certainly very tough and trying times still ahead for this country nonetheless.  There is no doubt that Donald Trump’s election will help dull some of the pain, but the financial troubles that we have been avoiding for years now are about to become very, very real.  One just needs to look around the world at the war on savers, and especially cash, to see what’s coming to our shores here in America.

Historically, when a currency dies in a country, the effects are widespread and often quite sudden.  How it typically happens is: one evening, banks close nationwide to re-evaluate the currency and to determine just how big of a “haircut” the depositors will take; once this happens – and it will happen in America – ATMs are either locked down, or withdrawals are limited to a point that allows just the basic level of sustenance; quickly afterwards, store shelves empty, with no plan on re-stocking anytime soon because of the credit-freeze in place.  This is not hyperbole, as a cursory search will reward you with countless examples of the scenario described above.  The bottom line: You Need to be Prepared!

I consider Mike Adams a friend, and I am proud to stand side-by-side with him as we literally wage war in defense of our Republic.  Mike is not the kind of guy who sits by and watches in amazement as evil consumes our land.  No, Mike is an innovator who battles evil through truthful information, which is “kryptonite” for these haters of humanity.  In that vein, Mike has launched an alternative search engine, and has also become involved with an alternative to Twitter.  You can find out about all the exciting things Mike has going at his flagship Natural News Website.

Please take time to view the interview with Mike Adams below.  Mike, like James Wesley Rawles a couple weeks ago, says that now is the time to “double-down” on preparation, as hard times are ahead – and not too far ahead at that.

Article reposted with permission from North West Liberty News

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