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Millennial Exodus from the Boomer Wilderness

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Published on: June 27, 2019

And the LORD’S anger was kindled against Israel, and he made them wander in the wilderness forty years, until all the generation, that had done evil in the sight of the LORD, was consumed. Numbers 32:13

Studies are suggesting that Gen X and Millennials have rejected their parent’s values, religion and culture. The reason being is simply the complete lack of trust in the authority structures being handed over to them, as cited in this poll conducted by Harvard University,

“Of 10 major societal institutions, just two — the military and scientists — garnered majority support from millennials on the question of whom they trust to do the right thing most of the time. That’s according to new polling by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics of this most-written-and-talked-about generation, which encompasses those ranging in age from 18 to 29.

The lack of trust in longtime pillars of society among millennials is striking both for its depth and its breadth. No one is spared their side-eyed looks.

The media gets its worst — with 88 percent of millennials saying they only “sometimes” or “never” trust the press. Wall Street doesn’t fare much better, with 86 percent of millennials expressing distrust. Congress is at 82 percent. Three in four millennials (74 percent) sometimes or never trust the federal government to do the right thing, and two in three (63 percent) feel the same way about the president.  The Supreme Court, once a beacon of trust societywide, isn’t seen that way by millennials, with 58 percent saying they only sometimes or never trust the nation’s highest court to do the right thing. Heck, even local police aren’t spared; 50 percent say they trust the cops only sometimes or never to do the right thing, while 49 percent said they trust police “all” or “most” of the time.” (Washington Post)

Everything from religion to government is viewed with skepticism and pessimism by this upcoming younger generation, simply because the key institutions being handed off to them have ceased to uphold the peace of society and increasingly have become parasitic and caustic to the whole.

In fact, on the Boomer watch these institutions have become a downright threat to humanity.

Wandering in the Boomer Wilderness

As the radical hippies in the 1960’s grew into the Boomer generation, many began to gorge themselves on materialism, sports worship, entertainment, party politics and sugary institutionalized religion that our society offered up after WWII. As a result, they completely checked-out on their responsibilities to the Constitution and to God, their minds filled with worldly pursuits.

On the Boomer watch major shifts in terms of knowledge and technology happened, and they simply couldn’t keep up with the changes. The fact is, Gen X on down have been exposed to the wide range of conspiracy perspectives on the internet making them immune to the propaganda culture of cable news. They have been exposed to information on the internet that has given them a healthy skepticism for the corporate food chain, big pharma, the school systems, religion and government. The internet is a rabbit hole of ideas and knowledge that once one falls down, can never comeback. A rabbit hole most Boomers are too technologically inept to even find, much less fall down.

The internet has given people the ability to disseminate knowledge that has exposed the elite for who and what they are, which is agents of satan. I really attribute their failings as a generation to the inability to clearly see how the filthy Zionist bankers meant to break this country. Hindsight 20/20, they accomplished it through the take over the banks in 1913 with the Fed, which led to a take-over of politics, media, education, the food, the medical establishment, government, and the churches. Lock-stock and barrel, all of our Constitutional and Religious heritage pulled right out from under foot of the Greatest Generation and the Boomer generation. These are the generations that sat and watched American liberties dry up, and they did nothing about it.

The technological revolution swept them away, regulating them to this relic of history that is clueless about the powers, and ramifications of internet culture on the world today. Their knowledge and scope are limited by their inability to even understand the simplest of technological devices. Therefore, all they know is FOX news and CNN propaganda on their flat screens. The thought of having to watch cable news is the equivalent of an lobotomy to the average millennial.

Wising Up

The internet has radically altered the minds of a generation. The onslaught of internet driven news cycle, relentless social media feeds, and streaming content is rewiring the brains of future generations. We can process obscene amounts of information and materials, as a result there are a few areas that demonstrate Millennials have totally rejected the programming of their parents, and can clearly see where much of the evils are coming from in the world. Their parents are caught in negative feedback loop of misinformation and propaganda; meanwhile the kids are turning circles around them and looking to be a major disruption to the elite agenda as they refuse to buy into the status quo of tyranny and corruption that their parents did.

Here are Four Major Areas Millennials Reject the Failings of their Parents

LBGTQ Agenda

The Zionist implementation of perversion culture via the sexual revolution worked on the flower children of the 60’s, but this week a study demonstrated that millennials are becoming increasing skeptical of the sodomite hyper-sexualization agenda pushed by Hollywood and corporations.

“Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema admitted surveys typically show younger people advocating for issues like immigration reform, gender equality and climate change. “So it’s surprising to see a notable erosion of acceptance for the LTBTQ community, which counters many of the assumptions we make about their values and beliefs,” Gerzema said in a statement. “In this toxic age, tolerance––even among youth––now seems to be parsed out. Nothing today should be taken for granted.” (Newsweek, 2019)


The next notable study demonstrating that Millennials are rejecting the Zionist bankers illusions and propaganda on the subject of Israel. In fact, everyone including Millennials are seeing how Israel is controlling the U.S. politics, and guiding our nation into perpetual war. Anyone with a clue has become hip to the fact Israel is an U.S. ally like a tapeworm is a welcome houseguest. Everyone sees the lies of modern Israel, all accept those staunch Christian Zionist Boomers who worship Israel no matter what evils they do, placing all of their faith in the lies told them by dispensationalist televangelists that come on after FOX news on their TV sets.

“Israel is losing out among a range of growing demographics, from Latinos to millennials. The groups with relatively high levels of favorability toward Israel, according to the study, included men, Republicans and older Americans. The groups that like Israel less are the mirror image: women, Democrats and millennials, along with African-Americans and Latinos. And those population groups are all growing.

A majority of all these groups still sees Israel favorably, but the numbers are falling. Favorability among Democrats dropped 13 points, from 73 percent to 60 percent. Among women, it dropped from 74 percent to 57 percent.”  (Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 2017)


With the rejection of Israel it stands to reason there also has been a rejection in the war culture of the Boomer generation. The Zionists have led the Boomer generation by their nose into countless unconstitutional wars of aggression. The millennial generation see through the lies of the politicians and want none of it.

Millennials are on the internet, so they have seen evidence from both sides and even from conspiratorial perspectives on the subject of war. Including evidence that demonstrates 9/11 was a staged false flag to drag American into the War on Terror. Something you will not see on cable news, but can’t unsee if played a video of WTC Building 7 coming down in freefall on that day.

“As older generations inevitably pass on, new generations with new ideas will shape American foreign policy. Given that the Baby Boomers will be smaller than Gen Z in about a decade, and that Millennials are the largest generation yet, Millennials could determine the nation’s policy soon. For instance, a June 2018 Chicago Council on Global Affairs study found that each new generation is less in favor of military intervention than their parent’s generation, while support for international cooperation remains high across generational lines. So while nothing is guaranteed in American politics, those in favor of peace and non-interventionism should be cautiously optimistic about the future of U.S. foreign policy.

Still, some worry that Millennials will not vote, and that even if they do, that their votes won’t be focused on foreign policy. For the first concern, Asma Khalid, a staff writer at NPR, notes that although Millennials have the same voting power as Baby Boomers, only 46 percent of Millennials voted in 2012. However, she notes that Baby Boomers went through the same phase of low voting activity when they were younger, yet now vote at much higher rates. A million more Millennials voted in 2016 than in 2012, so it’s likely that their future turnout may be higher as well.” (National Interest, 2018)


While Millennials get a lot of grief from their parent’s generation, they deserve some credit. This misfit and physically ill generation, has been institutionalized and indoctrinated, broken with Adderall and Ritalin, injected with seizure-causing poisonous vaccines, stuffed full of GMO foods, a petri dish of banned chemicals and carcinogens, in debt up to their eye balls chasing fantasy degrees and now suicidal and depressed, realizing that our government and institutions are corrupted beyond repair.

And on top of that they have to live in their parents basements because they wrecked the economy. Listening to them spout off and slavishly talk up Israel, war and their Christian Zionist churches that are embracing and affirming sodomite lifestyles that are popularized in the culture by Zionists change agents.

Could it be that Millennials, may just be the generation that walks away from the New World Order seeing it for what it is? A perpetual slave state for them and their own progeny?

Time will tell, but I do have to say the rejection of LGTBQ agenda, Israel and war is a great start. Maybe they will even turn back to hard religious teaching and instruction in due time as well, seeing it as the only counter to the demonic Zionists who have so brazenly destroyed their parents ability to reason, think and resist their methods of control.

Here’s to the die off of a wicked, slothful evil generation, and to those working on leading the new generation to a promise land free of slavish worship of Zionist institutions, religions and perversions of thinking.

Article posted with permission from Jason Charles

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