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Millions are Being Deposited & Withdrawn from Jeffrey Epstein’s Offshore Bank Account & Epstein Owned The Bank

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Published on: February 6, 2020

You can’t make this stuff up. Here is one for those who think Jeffrey Epstein is still alive and was simply allowed to escape justice… Again, the news is coming from across the pond because American Mainstream Media doesn’t allow much challenging of official narratives anymore.

If American media reports stories like this, it is quickly killed by censors.

The Daily Mail (UK) reports:

Millions of dollars that were sent from the estate of disgraced billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein into a bank he owned – but appeared to never have operated as a business – has raised questions from a judge overseeing a court case over his remaining assets.   

In a hearing yesterday in the Virgin Islands over the disgraced financier’s remaining assets, Judge Carolyn Hermon-Purcell told lawyers representing his estate she wasn’t satisfied with their account of large sums being sent to a bank first set up by the pedophile in 2014. 

The judge has been tasked with assessing Epstein’s assets and possibly creating a victims’ fund for the women he assaulted.

In documents presented to the judge, transactions show a series of multi-million dollar payments from Epstein’s estate to his bank, Southern County International, after his death. 

Despite the territory approving the bank’s operation in 2014, the bank showed no signs of having been operational in the years before Epstein’s death. 

In August last year, when Epstein was found hanged in his jail cell, the bank – which was specifically opened to manage offshore payments and investments – had just $693,157 in assets. 

At a hearing yesterday regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s remaining assets, it was discovered that millions of dollars had been sent from his estate to his bank on the US Virgin Islands after the financier’s death. This March 28, 2017, file photo, provided by the New York State Sex Offender Registry, shows Jeffrey Epstein

In December 2019, Epstein’s estate transferred $15.5 million to the bank. The bank sent back $2.6 million, leaving $12.9 million. 

There was then a withdrawal of nearly all funds before the end of the year, leaving the balance at around $500,000. 

Judge Hermon-Purcell said: ‘There’s no explanation for it.’ 

The payments were listed among everyday bills, for things like cable payments. 

Epstein’s lawyers said the transfers were made in error but Judge Hermon-Purcell has demanded Epstein’s estate provide further details on the accounting irregularities. 

In his 2014 application for the license to run the bank, which his criminal history shouldn’t have allowed him to obtain, he described himself as one of the ‘pioneers’ of investment.  

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If this doesn’t support the claims that Epstein is still alive, little will.

There could be a rational explanation.

But there are a million irrational explanations.

Epstein owned the bank.

This is his private account at a bank that had been dormant.

An explanation needs to be offered by Epstein’s attorneys.

Is he even dead?

Funny how this offshore account is located in The Virgin Islands.

That would seem like a very nice & discreet place to disappear and retire.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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