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Millions Of Muslims Are Giving Their Lives Over To Christ And It Is Becoming So Huge That The Muslim World Can Barely Hide It Any Longer

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Published on: December 1, 2016

While the Christianity fights for survival in the West, the light of Faith is rising in the Muslim world. In spite of all the terrorism, violence, threats, and evils of Islam, millions of Muslims are giving their lives over to Christ and it is becoming so huge the Muslim world cannot hide it any longer:

According to a Christian convert named Reza, in 1994 there were about 100,000 Christ followers in Iran. “Right now, there are 3 million,” he told CBN News.

Reza believes this is the handiwork of the Holy Spirit that is sweeping over the predominantly Muslim Middle East country of more than 79 million people.

CBN News recently met and talked with Reza and other Iranian believers outside of their country in central Turkey where they have been forced to flee to avoid persecution in their native land.

The Christian news outlet found them possessing an “infectious and joyous faith,” clapping their hands and cheering like fans at a World Cup match when someone gets baptised in their house church.
These are the Iranians who show that their country has two sides—one showing hatred to America and the other showing love for Jesus Christ and, yes, to America and Israel as well.

Reza said many of his countrymen, just like him, have turned to Christ by way of dreams or visions.

“I had a dream. I had a dream long time back and every time that Jesus was with me,” he said. “And in all of my life, He was helping me and I didn’t know who was this Person. Suddenly Jesus Christ was over there and He said, ‘Come to Me.’ And I came to that side and He accepted me.”

Raizal, Reza’s sister, said she joined her brother in fleeing Iran because of the “really bad situation there.”

“I couldn’t pray [to] God with all my heart because all trouble was there. Even if I say ‘Jesus Christ,’ they may kill me,” she said.

But despite the risk of arrest, detention and even death, believers inside Iran still keep the faith, their fellow Christian countrymen in Turkey said. (source)

Make no mistake, this revolution taking place is not just in Iran – it is all over the Muslim world.

Almost ten years ago, Al-Jazeera did an interview with the famous Libyan sheikh and Muslim missionary Ahmad Al-Qata’ni, and he said that in spite of the pious and bold words spoken by Muslims, Islam was facing grave threat and was in decline in Africa. Thanks to the work of Christian missionaries, he said that there was a possibility that Islam could actually disappear from many parts of Africa in a matter of decades:

In Africa, the conversions are so numerous that entire villages are apostatizing.

In Iran, as this article discusses, there are massive numbers of “underground” believers.

In Lebanon, going on the word of a phalangist colleague who has worked extensively with Muslims, the Catholic masses are full each week, but the clear majority are Muslims, who go because they believe in Christ and are actively seeking the way out of Islam.

Even in nations like Turkey, which are very anti-Christian, a missionary colleague of mine reports that there are many Muslims who have a secret interest in Christianity, but who are deathly scared of their neighbors around them, and so speak to him in secret about it.

This must be remembered in Europe, in the light of the manufactured “immigration” crisis. While there are many, many evil people, there are also Muslims who are becoming Christians there. Reports suggest that many of the European churches are finally filling up, and not with Muslims, but with former Muslims turned Christians.

For all of the hatred which Islam has for Christianity, the battle is not against men but, for the souls of men, including our gravest enemies. It is why sacred scripture so clearly states to love your enemies and pray for them so that you may be children of your Father in Heaven, not to generate hatred against men to achieve secular pagan political aims for the purpose of money and power.

Loving Muslims, especially barbarians such as those of ISIS, is hard to do. Justice will have to be made, as love without justice is license. Yet, as I have consistently pointed out, love without mercy is legalism. This is the message of Divine Mercy, which God established before His creation – two ways through which they can come to Him: the first is His mercy, and the latter is His justice, and as scripture notes, “If you were to judge us, O God, who would survive?”

And never, ever forget that God is always in control, and ultimately, Islam will be defeated. What matters is our part in the battle for the souls of men, so that by grace one day we can hope that God will say to us: “Welcome good and faithful servant.”

Article reposted with permission

*Article by Andrew Bieszad

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