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Minnesota Businesses Plan A Defiant Reopening: A Good First Step, But Don’t Stop There!

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Published on: December 15, 2020

“This is clearly an abuse of power coming from our own employees and they must be defied and brought to justice!”

I have to say that I am appalled at the contentious stupidity of the people in this country who beg for permission from a REPRESENTATIVE that operates outside of his/her delegated authorities.

Americans, your representatives work for you, YOU DO NOT WORK FOR THEM! They “derive their just powers from the consent of the governed,” not the other way around. You do not receive your rights from the state.  They come from God (Exodus 18:25). Left unchecked, these outlaws begin to attack the people and their God-given rights.  That is exactly what is happening today, and it must be lawfully stopped!

What Happens To A Nation That Refuses To Hold Their Representatives To The Standard Of American Government (Common Law)? You Get Governors Creating Policies That War Against The Law (Video)

On top of all of this, we have state courts, state supreme courts and even the Supreme Court telling us that what these governors and mayors are doing is criminal, and criminals must be dealt with accordingly (Psalm 94:16; Article 2, Section 4; Article 1, Section 3, Clause 7 of the US Constitution).

The List Is Growing: Another Good Judge Stands In The Gap Between Americans And Tyranny

In the state of Minnesota, they are finally coming to this lawful understanding in defying the state’s tyrant, Governor Tim Walz (Psalm 94:20). reported that Minnesota businesses plan a defiant mass reopening.

Employees of closed businesses have “bills to pay, children to feed, presents to gift and they’re going to lose their homes.”

More than 150 businesses plan to reopen this week in defiance of Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s coronavirus shutdown.

The businesses have organized as the Reopen Minnesota Coalition. This group has created a Facebook page and GoFundMe to raise awareness and money for business owners who will likely face legal consequences for their actions. Rural businesses involved in the effort plan to open Wednesday, Dec. 16, while metro businesses will open two days later on Friday. Walz’s current shutdown order is set to expire on Friday, but an extension is possible.

Those who choose to participate in the statewide reopening effort are encouraged to indicate their intent and sign up with the Reopen Minnesota Coalition to receive publicity and support.

At least three Minnesota businesses were sued in recent weeks by Attorney General Keith Ellison after they reopened.

Already, the coalition has raised over $3,000 to support business owners and their employees should legal action against them occur. The group’s founder, Darius Teichroew, assured listeners of this recently on the radio show Justice & Drew.

On the show, Teichroew described his group as “a grassroots coalition” to “get businesses back on their feet.”

While he expressed concern for business owners during the interview, his top concern seemed to be with unemployed workers.

“They’ve got bills to pay, children to feed, presents to gift and they’re going to lose their homes,” he said of employees who are presently without wages.

He also shared his frustration that Minnesota is “going further and further into the lockdown with less and less data to support it.”

Meanwhile, the coalition’s Facebook page posted comparisons of Minnesota and South Dakota COVID-19 data, apparently showing little effect from the shutdowns.

Both Minnesota and her western neighbor have seen a similar number of cases, but South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has kept the economy open.

Minnesota businesses plan defiant mass reopening

South Dakota Governor: I Don’t Have The Authority To Lockdown The State, They Are Attacking Our Religious Freedoms – What Is It That The People Don’t See Here?

In conclusion: It must not stop with a lawful resistance to this state’s tyrant.  He must be held accountable for his crimes against the people.  If not, you can rest assured that you only encourage the next governor behind him to do even worse (2 Timothy 3:13).

People Are Beginning To Respond To The Attacks: The People Only Have One Option – Impeachment – Prosecution!

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