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Mississippi: Tyrannical Cop Rips Mother By Her Hair From Car As Kids Scream In Horror (Video)

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Published on: May 16, 2019

Philadelphia, MS — A disturbing video was shared with the Free Thought Project this week showing a mother getting ripped from her car by her hair, and slammed to the ground by police. The entire time, her children were screaming in horror as they watched the violence progress.

According to Philadelphia police, officers were responding to a disturbance call in the area around 7:30 pm on Saturday.

“The (video) was a result of a disturbance call that progressed to a car chase,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers.

The mother, Jaqueline Clay, 32, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and failure to comply over the incident. Police claim that Clay led them on a chase, however, this was not one of her charges.

“They said I fled from them but it was because he was hollering and getting mad at me in front of my kids. I was only going 10-15 mph on my street to the end of a stop sign and went down to the next stop sign which was on at least 5-10 yards maybe. I’m bad with the measurements,” Clay told the Clarion Ledger. 

The Free Thought Project reached out to Clay but have yet to receive a response. However, on her Facebook page, Clay explained that “The officer was mad because I didn’t stop, and that ‘I made him look like a fool’ (in his words).”

As you watch the video below, it clearly looks like this officer was angry. While we don’t know exactly what led up to the point when the video starts, we can clearly see Clay sitting in her car with the window open and not resisting.

Instead of grabbing her arm or asking Clay to exit the vehicle, the raging cop grabs the woman by the hair and drags her from the vehicle. He then throws her to the ground as Clay’s kids scream in horror and continue the assault by putting his knee into her back.

As he manhandles the woman half his size, the officer is seen yanking the woman’s arms all over the place in a seemingly futile attempt to justify his use of force by making it appear as if she was resisting. She was not resisting. Once Clay is in handcuffs, the officer violently yanks her to her feet. The video then ends.

Chief Myers told the Neshoba Democrat that the there’s another several minutes of dialogue the department has and is reviewing. He said that the officers were wearing body cameras and that the events leading up to the arrest will be reviewed.

While we don’t know exactly what happened prior to this stop, we can see that Clay was not posing a threat, not trying to attack the officer, and not resisting before she was savagely attacked. If they treat mothers like this in front of their children, imagine what they do anyone else.

While police attacking a mother in front of her children may seem outlandish to some, TFTP recently reported the story of a 62-year-old grandma, who is suffering with cancer, and was attacked by police because she asked them for a search warrant.

The alleged victim, Cassandra Johnson had never been in trouble with police before this incident. But that all changed when she was thrown in the Greenville County Detention Center for attempting to flex her rights.

According to police, they were at Johnson’s residence around 5 a.m. in October to serve an arrest warrant to her son, Julius Johnson. However, according to Cassandra, Julius was not there and has never lived there.

As FOX Carolina reports:

Johnson said she told officers Julius has never lived at the residence. Officers said they continuously asked to come into the home to search. Johnson asked for a search warrant, however, police explained an arrest warrant was sufficient in this case.

Johnson said when she wouldn’t move aside, the officers threw her on the ground and handcuffed her. She said her other son, Jermaine Johnson, was home and was yelling at the officers that his mother has stage four cancer.

However, according to Johnson, the officers couldn’t have cared less about this grandma’s cancer and they attacked her. Johnson was attacked and kidnapped and she had committed no crime.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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