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Mississippi’s Same-Sex “Marriage” Fraud Saga Continues

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Published on: October 6, 2014

The story I wrote last week, about the two females who snookered Mississippi into giving them a wedding license, is going national. Media outlets like the Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger and extremist left winger sites like GLAAD and DailyKos have picked up on the story and amplified it. A national reporter from the Associated Press approached me just yesterday. We haven’t heard the last of this tale.

It won’t be long before media begin contacting state officials for a response. Will they be ready?

(As an aside, if you don’t want people to find out about your same-sex wedding, posting your wedding license on your Facebook page is probably not the best way to go about it. The two females here are the ones who made their same-sex “marriage” public, not anyone else. The only way people across the country know about this story is that they are collaborating with the homosexual lobby and the low-information media to make sure everybody in America finds out.)

Mississippi does not permit same-sex couples to get married. In 2004, 86% of Mississippians voted to elevate protection for natural marriage to the state constitution, the highest level of protection possible.

Here is how Mississippi’s constitution reads:

Marriage may take place and may be valid under the laws of this state only between a man and a woman. A marriage in another state or foreign jurisdiction between persons of the same gender, regardless of when the marriage took place, may not be recognized in this state and is void and unenforceable under the laws of this state. (Emphasis mine.)

Both of the individuals in this counterfeit “marriage” are females in every single solitary cell of their bodies and will be until the day they die. That’s why this is a case of biological fraud.

Mississippi doesn’t change the gender on a birth certificate for sexually confused individuals. Both of them have birth certificates that identify them biologically as females, Nicole and Jessica. The bottom line is that two females managed to get “married” in a state where it’s flatly illegal and unconstitutional.

The fact that these two women have three children between them is all the proof anyone needs that they are both females.

They used a court order from a local judge to get a driver’s license falsely identifying one of them as a male, and then used that driver’s license to get a marriage license. But no local judge has the authority to set aside the state constitution through a court order, and the driver’s license bureau doesn’t have that authority either.

Since both parties to this faux marriage are females, the state constitutional and legal standard has been violated here. The real issue now is whether the state of Mississippi will allow this unconstitutional wedding to stand.

Now that Big Gay has turned this into a national story, the next move is up to the state attorney general. The Gay Mafia (Bill Maher’s term) has thrown down on the state of Mississippi. They are defying the Magnolia State and daring Mississippi to uphold the will of the people and their constitution.

GLAAD is one of the largest pro-homosexual organizations in the country. They’ve taken the lead in making sure everybody in America knows that two lesbians got married in a state where it’s illegal.

The fact that they are lesbians and are in a lesbian relationship was never the problem. If they’d been content to keep their relationship private, to keep what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom, there’d be no controversy. The problem began when they hoodwinked Mississippi into giving them a wedding license they’re not ethically entitled to.

The activists and agitators of Big Gay are trying to paint Nicole and Jessica as victims, but the real aggressor here is the homosexual lobby and the real victims of fraud here are the voters of Mississippi. The homosexual lobby is using this lesbian twosome as pawns in their crusade to legitimize same-sex “marriage.”

The Gay Gestapo (Tammy Bruce’s term) is using them to stick a finger in the eye of the authorities in Mississippi. That makes the real issue here the question of what Mississippi will do about it.

The story is no longer about this same-sex couple or those who were involved in bringing this story to light. The story now is that this is a showdown between Big Gay and the state of Mississippi. Who will blink first?

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)

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