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MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Explains How Algorithms Re-Tabulated Trump Votes to Flip to Biden (Video)

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Published on: November 12, 2020

Dr. V. A. Shiva, inventor of email, does a statistical analysis of voting integrity in Michigan.

Dr. V. A. Shiva, inventor of email, does a statistical analysis of voting integrity in Michigan. His video presentation is live now.

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He is demonstrating statistically how an algorithm took about 60,000 votes away from Trump and gave them to Biden in Oakland County, Michigan during the course of election day. Now he’s demonstrating the same pattern in Macomb County.

The slope of linear decline of Trump votes hour-by-hour in Oakland, Macomb, and Kent County, Michigan, was the same in predominantly Republican precincts, Dr. Shiva
shows. The public data reveal algorithm-manipulated tampering to transfer Trump votes from Republicans to Biden.

“The United States voting systems, the inputs and the outputs, are unverifiable,” says Dr. Shiva, as many jurisdictions don’t verify if a real person legally voted (no voter ID), and if the real votes were in violation of federal law concerning candidates for federal office, Massachusetts destroys ballots and images on election day, Dr.Shiv says.

Shiva says he was banned from Twitter for saying this, even though he had it confirmed by the Massachusetts secretary of state.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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