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Modern Day “Songbird” Type App Pilot Program Announced In Melbourne To Track & Trace You! (Video)

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Published on: October 6, 2021

If you have not seen the film that was released in 2020 titled Songbird, you really should take the time to see what those in positions of power have planned for humanity via this plandemic and become resolute to resist and even attack that system that is seeking to enslave and murder us.  However, while that is a fictional movie, the reality is beginning to take place in Melbourne, Australia where a news reporter pushes a government instituted app, in which they need volunteers to test it by taking a selfie within 5 minutes of a message so they can verify the person on the other end and track their geo-position in real time… and the reporter says this without any disgust and with a straight face!

The government is asking people in Melbourne to take part in an App Pilot Program where they will get random phone calls and they have to answer within 5 MINUTES and send a selfie to the app for the app to geo track and confirm the person.

If they don’t answer with the 5 minutes then “health officers come knocking”…

The question is, who in the world would sign up for this?  Probably the idiots that have already taken the deadly shot.

Young Australian Woman: Is Comparing 1930s Germany To Today Making Sense Now? (Video)

Indeed, this reminds me of when President Donald Trump put an unelected bureaucrat, namely his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of tracking and tracing people unlawfully in the US for the CONvid-1984.

White House Unelected Bureaucrat Creates Real-Time National Coronavirus Surveillance System Under COVID-19 Hoax

Australia is definitely the protocol for the New World Order.  We’ve seen it in their television broadcasts and in the tyranny put forward by their Gestapo police, as well as their criminal politicians.  And they are so brazen about it that they just blurt it out on national television.

The cops are a huge part of the problem.

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Of course, the politicans are leading the charge of tyranny.

However, the people are fighting back as best they can against the tyrants.

Aussies are even inspiring Americans!

Australian Parliament Member: “America, We Need You To Lead The World As An Example, Be A Beacon Of Hope & Freedom For The Rest Of The World” (Video)

Americans need to go on the offensive and stop being reactionary to criminals in our government and in the fascist business world!  We can win the day if we repent before God and advance against tyranny for justice!

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