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Money & The State – How You’re Being Enslaved By A Corrupt Monetary System (Video)

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Published on: May 4, 2022

I have spoken about the corrupt monetary system we have for years, even exposed it on several radio shows.  Not only does our monetary system violate the US Constitution, which requires that only gold and silver coin be used for the payment of debts, but it violates biblical laws concerning just weights and measurements, along with the charging of usury.  The Mises Institute has put together a brief video on this subject.

Take a look.

Additionally, you can check out my shows on this topic below to see why we are in the mess we are in financially.

Furthermore, below are several highly recommended items to listen to as well.  Most came courtesy of Just A Dude’s Channel.

Toine Manders Explains Why Taxation Is Theft

G. Edward Griffin – The Creature From Jekyll Island

Taxation Is Legalized Theft

The Money Masters (1996)

Strawman: Nature Of The Cage

America: There’s “No Income Tax Law.”

Divide & Conquer: Geopolitical History Of The Central Banking Monopoly

The Truth About Central Banking And Business Cycles

Rep. Alan Grayson: “Has The Federal Reserve Ever Tried To Manipulate The Stock Market?” (2009)

Ron Paul Vs Bernanke: “Is Gold Money?!” (2011)

Dylan Ratigan’s Epic Rant On The International Banking Cartel And Political Corruption!! (2011)

Federal Reserve Bank Con Exposed On MSNBC!! (2010)

And last but not least, Aaron Russo’s famous America: Freedom to Fascism

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