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More Enforcers Dispatched to Sydney Australia To Control The Public During Another Lockdown

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Published on: July 10, 2021

As the public opinion on lockdowns and their own enslavement dwindle, the ruling classes are sending more teeth to try to make it stick.  Sydney, Australia just dispatched 100 more police officers to control the slaves during yet another lockdown; one which is literally illogical.

Sydney Australia Locks Down For Another Week For The Umpteenth Time

Oh yeah, lockdowns are about enslavement and control, not logic and health. Sydney is home to one fifth of Australia’s total population, which is 5 million people. Of those 5 million, the total number of “infections” is at 350. Shall we do the math for the mainstream media, since they can’t be bothered to do it because if they did, it wouldn’t be scary enough?

350 out of 5 million comes to .007%.  That’s beyond statistically negligent and can even be as simple as a rounding error.  Yet the masters are locking the slaves down even longer. At this point, Australians may never be able to even comprehend what true freedom actually looks like. –SHTFPlan

Starting at 0700 local time on Friday, more than 100 additional police officers will be stationed on the streets of Sydney, where they will continue to work for the remainder of the lockdown (which was just extended by two weeks), according to local press reports.  Their job is to harass, intimidate, fine, cage, and physically assault the slaves who dare to disobey the master. The ruling class is actively admitting now that this is about compliance. And the police are willing pawns in this totalitarian scheme.

Assistant Commissioner Tony Cooke warned that rising numbers of infections had prompted the decision to dispatch police. “Compliance is about us getting ahead of this virus,” Cooke said on Thursday. “(NSW) Health have very clearly said to us we have a difficulty in southwest Sydney.”

Cook added that the police would be asked to patrol supermarkets and shopping centers, confronting anybody who might dare attempt to buy anything. “The question we’ll be asking is ‘what’s your reasonable excuse for being here, you don’t need a pair of shoes today.’”

“We need people to take responsibility and comply.”

Just a quick question for those left supporting the police who enforce these lockdowns: would the rulers have any power over you if the police actually stood on morals and said “no. Enslaving humanity is wrong?” Just ponder it. Come to your own conclusions.

As ZeroHedge points out, unfortunately for the experts, the lockdown hasn’t reduced the number of new COVID cases, which has climbed in the weeks since the lockdown started. 38 new cases were discovered in the 24 hours to Thursday.

This has never been about a virus and keeping people safe or healthy, That’s more than obvious. They needed 100 more hired enforcers to make sure the slaves of Australia know their place and comply with orders. This is too obvious at this point. We had better wake up and stand up for each other. No one on this planet deserves to be a slave and no one on this planet makes a rightful master.

Continue to use critical thinking.  With the constant reporting on the delta and lambda variants, we could see a similar situation here, and will many still supporting the teeth who enforce the lockdowns, the rulers may know they can get away with again.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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