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More Evidence Of Florida Corruption In Case Of Attorney Suing Rape Victim For Profit

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Published on: June 4, 2019

The case in Lee County Florida continues to produce evidence of corruption in the court system in which an attorney, Scott Mager of Mager Paruas, allegedly bought the rights to sue a victim of rape so that he might turn a profit.  In reviewing documents from the early part of April 2019, I came across several pieces of evidence that this court continues to act in error just as they were ruled to have acted in error by a higher court several years ago in the case of Deanna Williams.  This is a sign of the court’s corruption, and has opened the court up to be weaponized by attorney Mager to line his own pockets to the tune of over $1 million at the expense of Ms. Williams, a victim of rape.

All of the documents can be obtained at under case 13-CA-003181.

Williams sent a letter to the court near the end of March explaining the situation and asking for the court to accommodate her concerns regarding her health.  She wrote in part:

The level of Mager’s hubris while requesting that a rape victim with multiple sclerosis dealing with complications of a high-risk pregnancy and PTSD be jailed for contempt for not turning over extensive financial documents which are nearly impossible to provide after losing her home due to Mr. Mager’s theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars is astonishing.  It would shock the conscience of anyone who possesses a conscience.  Mr. Mager is not a victim of anything but an individual who knowingly bought the rights to sue a rape victim for profit after Michael Dolce abandoned the case after Dolce missed important deadlines and walked out of mediation in the underlying case crying when opposing counsel didn’t want to hear explicit details of Dolce being anally raped as a child.

It is in light of Mr. Mager’s repeated dishonesty and omission of relevant fact before the court that I ask that all attempts to threaten and intimidate using the court as a weapon stop immediately.  I asked that deposition respect my disabilities as a woman with multiple sclerosis and and complex medical issues at present.  I ask that deposition is set at a time that works for both parties and I am no longer threatened with arrest.

Unfortunately, due to Mr. Mager’s continued possession of funds stolen from me by fraud upon the court, I am unable to be represented by counsel.  I cannot even afford necessary medical care.  I am most vulnerable as I have been denied the right to have representation due to the thefts erroneously reflected in court records as legitimate funds received by Scott Mager.

I am asking that my health and safety be respected during and before deposition.  I am requesting deposition be scheduled at a time agreeable to both parties.  I look forward to the record accurately reflecting what has happened in this case as opposed to Mr. Mager’s version of events as a party who did not participate in the underlying case.  Additionally, I ask that it be noted that I am being denied representation in this matter due to impossibility noted above.

Mr. Mager wanted to depose Ms. Williams and was to do so by March 27, 2019.  Here is the record of attempts Ms. Williams made to set up deposition with Mr. Mager after her last attorney Daniel J. Endrizal, III withdrew from the case on March 19, 2019.

3/19/2019 – faxed fact info sheet to Scott Mager

3/19/2019 – fax to set up depostion

3/19/2019 – phoned twice to set up deposition

3/19/2019 – emailed twice to set up deposition

3/20/2019 – emailed to set up deposition

3/20/2019 – phoned to set up deposition

3/21-2019 – emailed to set up deposition

3/21-2019 – phoned to set up deposition

3/22/2019 – emailed to set up deposition

3/22/2019 – phoned to set up deposition

3/25/2019 – emailed to set up deposition

3/26/2019 – emailed twice to set up deposition

3/27/2019 was the final day to be deposed as determined by the court order, and Scott Mager never returned her calls nor her emails to establish a time for deposition to meet the date of 3/27/2019.

Phone records and emails easily verify Ms. Williams’ claims.

Instead, Scott Mager’s assistant said that he would be available for deposition on April 17, 2019, nearly three weeks after he knew the court had set a date on, and Mr. Mager has been the one pressing the court to go after Ms. Williams.  All the final public records show this at

Still, Ms. Williams made two final attempts as late as 3/29/2019 by phone to try and set up a deposition.

According to Ms. Williams, she spoke to an attorney about the April 17, 2019 date for deposition and was told that it was a trap set for her and that she should respond to the assistant by requesting deposition within the time frame allotted by the court or asking that they set aside the contempt order and writ of bodily attachment before agreeing to a deposition date outside of the court’s parameters.

Attorney Scott Mager never responded, but he did appeal to the court to enforce the contempt charges and have Ms. Williams arrested.

While the court claims that Williams is not compliant with the court, their own records show that the court infringed on Ms. Williams rights to be heard and that Mr. Mager failed to work with Ms. Williams in the constraints of what the court ordered.

When Mager became non-responsive, the court record shows that a writ of bodily attachment was issued against Ms. Williams at the behest of Mager by Judge James Shenko on March 20, 2019, several days before the deadline for the deposition.  This was to arrest and incarcerate a victim of rape, a woman with multiple sclerosis, who was in a late-term, high-risk pregnancy that both the court and Mager knew about, but didn’t care.  And this is all over attorney fees that a higher court had ruled there was no evidence she owed, and a judgment rendered by a judge busted in a prostitution sting to Scott Mager who never performed one single service for Ms. Williams, but made himself a nice 6 figure employment at her expense.

Mager pushed for this writ of bodily attachment on March 19, 2019, despite the error of his date on his letterhead, 2018, in the court record filed on 3/25/2019.

While the court record says that all parties were notified, take a look at the order for the writ of bodily attachment.

Notice that the court had never updated her address in the system though she lost her home due to the multiple thefts of her own attorneys.  They wrote in her new address.  This is important as I will demonstrate.

On April 1, 2019, the court entered into the record what it claims was an ex parte request to rescind the write of bodily attachment by Ms. Williams, but it is only in part, not containing all that she faxed in via her electronic fax service.  The court claims it does not accept the service of pleadings by facsimile, but what she put in the record was not an ex parte request in the first place as this correspondence was also sent to Scott Mager and indicated her attempts to schedule the depostion.  This also was Judge Shenko’s error.

In fact, the court record only shows a simple, incomplete coversheet seen below.


There is an entire pdf that was attached with correspondence to Scott Mager that the court never entered into the record nor the rest of the cover sheet.  Clearly, one can see that the court filed a half-baked document on their part, here.

Further, as I showed above, her address had been changed months prior, but when the court sent her a letter denying the rescinding of bodily attachment on April 3, 2019, look how they addressed it.


Notice anything suspicious?

That’s right, it’s going to the wrong address!

On top of that, they didn’t even provide the complete address.  The state and zip code are completely missing.

Ms. Williams was signed up to be electronically notified about anything happening with her case, but she wasn’t notified and, as she was in effect representing herself at the time, Mager was obligated to return her calls… he never did.

It gets worse.

Upon Lee County Sheriff’s Office receiving the writ of attachment to serve it, look at the address they have.

Anyone surprised that this is coming out of a sheriff’s office run by a man that doesn’t meet the basic standards to be a police officer in the state prior to his appointment as sheriff?  I’m not.

And it wasn’t just a one time error.  At the bottom, the same address, which is an address she has never lived at, is stated over and over.

It seems that LCSO is as bumbling in their pursuit of a victim of rape per the orders of a kangaroo court as they are in verifying the little dictator that runs their office.

This is the kind of thing that Ms. Williams has been facing from the Lee County Court, the attorneys in the case and her own attorneys since she has been embroiled in this after attorney Gloria Allred hung her out to dry.  And in all of this, Williams claims that Mager alone is trying to take her for more money than she walked away with after paying Allred and company in her rape settlement.

How is any of this lawful or ethical?

If you would like to help Ms. Williams retain an attorney out of the area to represent her, please consider contributing to her GoFundMe page:

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Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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