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More Hypocrisy of Carly Fiorina Unmasked in Audio & Video: “Hillary Clinton was a Great Candidate”

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Published on: September 18, 2015

Seriously, it is amazing how little “conservatives” actually vet their own idols. After Wednesday’s debate, people are singing Carly Fiorina‘s praises, but they have very short memories. Fiorina, while a supporter of John McCain in 2008 (not really much better than Obama or Clinton), said the she had such “great admiration and empathy for Hillary Clinton.”

Audio and video surfaced on the GOP candidate at Buzz Feed. Not only did she say she admired and had empathy for Clinton, but she went on to state:

“She was a great candidate. She has helped millions of women all over this country. Women of any political party owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary Clinton and I will bet that every woman up here agrees with me.”

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“I have such great admiration and empathy for Hillary Clinton,” Fiorina said. “I have great admiration for her because I know what it takes in some small measure to do what she has done. She is obviously incredibly intelligent, focused, tough, determined, empathetic of all the tens of millions of people that she was trying to represent in her quest to become the first woman president of the United States.”

“And as a woman, I take great pride in the fact that Hillary Clinton ran for president. And I also watched with a lot of empathy as I saw how she was scrutinized, characterized, talked about as a woman,” added Fiorina.

“While I think woman have made great progress in so many ways I also known from personal experience that women in positions of power – particularly bold women – who are trying to drive change as Hillary Clinton must surely is…bold women, women in power are characterized, scrutinized differently than their male counterparts are,” she concluded.

Consider that this is the woman she has been attacking throughout the course of her campaign, but just seven years ago honored in words.

However, this wasn’t the only time she praised Clinton. In 2008, she made another statement.

“I have said numerous times, I disagree politically with Hillary, but I also have great admiration for Hillary Clinton,” said Fiorina. “Her run for the presidency was historic. She was a great candidate. She has helped millions of women all over this country. Women of any political party owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary Clinton and I will bet that every woman up here agrees with me.”

Why was it historic? It certainly wasn’t because she was the first female candidate for President of the united States. That title belongs to Victoria Claflin Woodhull. So, what made Clinton’s run historic? Perhaps Fiorina would like to explain that. Perhaps she would like to explain why Clinton was a “great candidate. Perhaps she would like to explain how Clinton “helped millions of people all over this country.” Why do women owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary Clinton?

I ask these question since Ms. Fiorina called on Clinton to “name an accomplishment” that she had made. Well, Ms. Fiorina, please answer the questions I just asked yourself. They are your words.

Finally, there is this little audio clip from 2008 in which Fiorina claims the Hillary Clinton was the victim of sexism during the elections.

And this woman is supposed to be taken seriously as a GOP presidential contender in 2016? The obviously question to anyone paying attention and actually vetting candidates is, why?

As Paul Harvey used to say, now you know the rest of the story.

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