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More Than 200 Members Of Congress Support Petition For SCOTUS To Review Roe v. Wade Decision

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Published on: January 13, 2020

As the voices get louder against the American holocaust of human abortion, more than 200 members of Congress are supporting a petition that calls for a review of the case known as Roe v. Wade and possibly overturning it.  However, what they fail to do is actually call on the Supreme Court to rightly interpret that law, which nowhere protects murder, including those in the womb.

It might even surprise you to discover that though the majority of these congressmen are Republicans, two are also Democrats.

House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise and including two Democrats, have signed an amicus brief in a Louisiana abortion case that is to be heard in the spring by the Supreme Court.

According to One America News Network:

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In their petition lawmakers are advising the court to take up Roe v. Wade again and, if appropriate, should overrule the entire case. The document claims the right to abortion is “unworkable” and that the ruling has set a precedent, which has proven “radically unsettled.”  The Supreme Court made Roe v. Wade law in a landmark 1973 ruling, deeming restrictive state regulation of abortion unconstitutional.

The new petition seeks to grant legal control over abortion to the states. The measure reflects a law brought-forth by Louisiana lawmakers in 2014, requiring doctors be given “admitting privileges” before performing an abortion.
“The pro-choice side is saying that’s too restrictive…the pro-life side is saying, actually it’s good to know a doctor has these admitting privileges because that means he’s been checked out by the hospital. That means he’s not grossly incompetent or has something horrible in his record.” explained Paul Strand, Washington, D.C. journalist.

Critics also suggest the bill is designed to close abortion clinics altogether. This comes after the nation’s highest court turned down an identical bill in Texas in 2016 after claiming the law imposed an “undue burden” on women’s rights.

Louisiana’s proposal will be the first abortion case presented to justices since President Trump added two Republican justices to the bench. Hearings are expected to be held in March.

Of course, pro-choice to murder one’s baby supporters can’t have that because they would then be legally held as murderers and accomplices to murder, which are capital crimes.  Clearly, those people are opposed to such a ruling.

Sadly, many in government and many of the American people are still confused that the Supreme Court does not make law.  They are to interpret it and if no law exists that protects murderers and instead, does protect the life of the innocent, the Supreme Court became activists on the bench rather than interpreting and applying the law rightly.

To make matters worse, many still believe it was liberal Democrats who brought this about, but it was a Republican SCOTUS that offered the ruling, just like in Obamacare.

Being Republican doesn’t make one lawful anymore than being a Democrat.  In fact, many Republicans, believing they were doing the right thing in passing “pro-life” bills, only regulating the murders of the unborn.

The reality is that we have one Bible and one Constitution, and neither of those promotes the right to murder innocent, unborn babies.

Since those are our foundations, it should tell you which side of being an American you are on if you favor human abortion.

It’s past time to repent, America, and abolish human abortion.


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