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More Tyranny: Submit To A Blood Test Before Flying?

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Published on: April 17, 2020

Several reports are out that passengers flying from Dubai to Tunisia had to take a blood test before boarding their plane this week, and others are already seeing that this just may become a trend.

WSOC TV reported on the flight and what took place:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Passengers flying from Dubai to Tunisia had to take a blood test before boarding their plane this week.

Dubai-based airline Emirates used a rapid COVID-19 blood test at the Dubai International Airport on all passengers on board the flight, CNN reported.

The tests were done by the Dubai Health Authority at a group check-in area on Wednesday.

The results were available within 10 minutes.

Emirates is also having passengers and employees practice social distancing and protective barriers have been installed at check-in desks, company officials said in a statement.

The tests will be important for entrance to countries that require a COVID-19 test certification, the company said in a statement.

Don’t think this won’t be making the rounds to the US, especially in light of the current administration’s talks of tracking people and even hunting them down.

Also, don’t forget that none of these tests are even accurate.  We know that these tests produce a ton of false-positives.

And we know that governments, even in the States, are padding the numbers on COVID-19 deaths in order to get money and grab more power.

CFTV 9 added:

Officials did not say if a passenger would be refused boarding because of the test results.

The tests aren’t for finding out if a person has an active coronavirus infection. Rather, it looks for antibodies that show that a person was exposed to the virus and that the body has developed antibodies against it.

Another airline, Etihad Airways, has set up self-service kiosks at its Abu Dhabi hub to test travelers’ temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate, CNN reported.

Natasha Frost at Quartz believes this could become a normal thing, although she makes a very important point:  “These tests do not diagnose a current Covid-19 infection: Instead, they check for antibodies, which can reveal whether the person has been exposed to the virus and developed antibodies against it. Passengers still infected with the virus could still board and therefore contaminate others on the plane and at their destination.”

Well, yeah, cause we all have viruses inside us.  They’re called ecosomes!  Educate yourself!

Frost goes on to write:

Other airlines are considering different approaches: Earlier this month, Etihad, also based in the United Arab Emirates, announced that it was currently testing new kiosks in Abu Dhabi. These would monitor temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate of passengers—any of which could reveal a current infection—and form part of the check-in process. If something seems awry, the passenger check-in will be suspended, and a staff member called to the kiosk.

“This technology is not designed or intended to diagnose medical conditions,” said Joerg Oppermann, Etihad vice president, in a statement. “It is an early warning indicator which will help to identify people with general symptoms, so that they can be further assessed by medical experts, potentially preventing the spread of some conditions to others preparing to board flights to multiple destinations.”

She concludes, “…for countries such as the US and the UK, such wide-scale testing is still a long way off even in a healthcare setting. Rolling it into the check-in process, meanwhile, seems even more remote.”

That may be or may not be.  Remember, the Trump administration is asking for $2 trillion more for “infrastructure.”  That is far more than enough to set up such a system in a similar manner to the scammers, I’m sorry scanners, that were a huge waste of money that didn’t stop anything.

It would not surprise me to see this idea take hold in a lot more places that Dubai.

Keep in mind, that if this were implemented in the US, it would just be adding to the tally of violations of the Fourth Amendment and various other restrictions in our Constitution.

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