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Mosque That Incubated Manchester Jihadi Confronted (Video)

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Published on: June 6, 2017

Former leader of the English Defence League and European Defence League Tommy Robinson recently confronted the Didsbury Mosque about hosting preachers of Islamic hate, and their response is classic taqiyya.

The Didsbury Mosque is the mosque which Salman Abedi, the Manchester jihadi, attended.  According to reports, Abedi was a “devout Muslim.”  He had “learned the Qur’an by heart” and “would do the five and call the adhan” at Didsbury Mosque.

Apparently, his family also held his religious beliefs, as his father and three other members of his family were arrested.  They had been aware of all the details of that attack and had even planned an Islamic jihad terror attack of their own.

The attacks were clearly known to the Islamic State, but the city has allowed the teaching of Islam for far too long, as well as sacrificing British girls to Islam.  They have tolerated Islamic clerics teaching lawless doctrines in their mosques for years and Robinson decided he would confront the Didsbury Mosque for hosting hate preachers.

Take a look.

These Islamists don’t even acknowledge knowing the speakers at their own mosque and the one guy in the video claims that Robinson isn’t telling the truth, but later states he “has no idea” whether the speakers spoke at the mosque.

Additionally, Robinson provides video evidence to support what he is saying about these preachers view of “male superiority” and “killing of homosexuals.”

The Didsbury Mosque has attacked the West, distributed anti-western propaganda and hosted a number of Islamic preachers who stand with the founder of Islam, Muhammad, such as Abu Qatada.

The UK is home to some 23,000 Islamic jihadis.  Robinson is exposing the more vocal of these for sure, but what he has yet to realize is that as long as a person claims to follow Islam, they will always be a doctrinal terrorist, until the time comes to become a full-fledged devout Islamist.

There is no God-given right to worship false gods, and the god of Islam is most definitely not the true and living God.  As such, the UK would do well to learn from their history concerning dealing with idolatry.  Look to Oliver Cromwell, who was mightily used of God to saved England from invasion and become Lord Protector for several years.  In my opinion, the UK needs another Cromwell.

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