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Mother of Oregon Protester Who Was Jailed: The FBI Didn’t Keep Their Word about not Arresting My Son!

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Published on: April 18, 2016

Roxanna Ryan appeared on Northwest Liberty News to talk about the arrest of her son Jake, 27, who was recently apprehended at a stranger’s shed in rural Clark County upon an indictment, which remains sealed. The interesting thing is that Mrs. Ryan says that there are at least five witnesses to the words of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that promised that Jake would not be arrested upon leaving the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, nor in the future with regards to that occupation and protest. It seems they have been caught in another lie!

If you recall, back in March, Jim White reported on Montana Sheriff Tom Rummel had been talking to the feds and issuing lawful commands for them to not enter his county to arrest Jake Ryan. At that time, White was informed by Senator Jennifer Fielder that the feds were complying with Rummel’s orders.

We discovered in late March that Ryan’s name was named in the Oregon Standoff indictment and a warrant was issued for his arrest for allegedly violating a Native American archeological site by digging a latrine during the protest, which is said to have caused more than $1,000 damages.

The indictment did cause a stir in the Montana County where he lived. However, it appears that though Jake was home with his parents, which he eventually decided to leave and head for Washington.

According to Mrs. Ryan, Jake faces three charges. He’s charged with federal conspiracy to impede officers at the federal wildlife refuge, possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon in a federal facility and depredation of government property. He’s also accused of assisting Sean Anderson in digging a large trench on an archaeological site at the refuge considered sacred to the Burns Paiute Tribe.

Ryan was the last person to leave the refuge prior to the final four, which ended the standoff. According to Mrs. Ryan, there are several witnesses that have confirmed that the FBI gave their word that Ryan would not be arrested for his participation when he left, nor in the future. Apparently, their word is subject to change. It’s sort of the way they have handled the LaVoy Finicum murder, and seeing that the FBI agent in charge was linked to the lead agent at the Bundy Ranch siege and wrongful deaths in a 2009 investigation, I’m pretty sure something unethical took place.

It isn’t as if the FBI hasn’t engaged in losing valuable evidence in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, is it? It isn’t as if the FBI are investigating themselves over their own agents aiding and abetting the Oregon State Police and firing on an unarmed man, with order that come down with full supervision from Oregon Governor Kate Brown and the White House, right?

As for Ryan, he has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Oregon Live reports:

Ryan had thought federal authorities had promised that those who left the refuge wouldn’t face arrest and so he was “understandably distrustful of the federal government” once he learned he faced federal indictment, his lawyer said. He was concerned about his personal safety and the consequences he’d face and didn’t surrender, Merrithew conceded.

“He was just plain scared,” his lawyer said.

But Merrithew argued that his client also didn’t pursue a “more dangerous path” as encouraged to by a “fringe element” to provoke the federal government into a standoff in Montana.

Ryan “just went peacefully” once he was found in Clark County, Merrithew said.

Mrs. Ryan confirmed this report and said that her son was “kind, loving and gentle.” She homeschooled him and taught him the Constitution and said that when he heard of what was taking place in Oregon, he was compelled to go. Mrs. Ryan also said that many of the school children came up to the refuge to learn about the Constitution from Ammon Bundy.

If you would like to help Jake through donations, you will be able to do so soon at the Oathkeepers’ website. If you would like to write a letter of encouragement to Jake and thank him for taking a stand, you can do so at the following address:

Inmate Mail

Jake Ryan, ID#796534

11540 NE Inverness Dr.

Portland, OR 97220

If you wish to help any of the other patriots who took a stand against the criminal usurpation of the DC government, click here and scroll to the bottom of the article.

Listen to the moving interview with Roxanna Ryan by clicking here.

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