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Mr. President, the answer is Community Unity, not fearing and Hating Gun Owners!

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Published on: December 8, 2015

You would think, being a former community organizer, the President would know that instead of fearing and hating each other we need to unite and start protecting our communities. Instead of being the “Divider-in-Chief” and saying only the federal government can solve these problems, we need local solutions to what have now become local attacks.

Most people know very little about their neighbors. The neighbors of most people involved in mass killings are always surprised to find out what they have done. I think this is because most people rarely talk to their neighbors or have any involvement in their lives. What we need is local defense groups that will unite neighborhoods. This will help us to protect each other from this terrorist problem that the federal government’s failed immigration policies have caused us.

Switzerland is a great example. They have a history of making national defense every adult’s responsibility. I think the United States needs to use that same type of thinking to fight terrorism. I do not want the federal government to implement this solution. They have failed us and have caused enough problems already. This must be something that is done as local as possible. Township boards and city governments, working together with local police departments, need to have everyone come together to fight terrorism. All adults in Switzerland own rifles and have been trained to defend their country if the need ever arises.

Local defense groups will unite neighborhoods to protect themselves by knowing each other and being ready to defend each other if acts of terrorism happen in their community. Local volunteer fire departments respond to fires happening in the local community. We do not have a federal fire department that comes from Washington whenever there is a problem. Terrorism is a world problem that is hurting people locally. A federal answer will not fix a local terrorist attack. Washington cannot fix California, and they are to slow to react.

Neighbors need to know their neighbors. Unity is the answer, not fearing and hating each other. The Liberals and Progressives need to stop hating us and start working with us to solve this problem. My understanding is the terrorists are willing to kill both Liberal and Conservative, or both Democrats and Republicans, or should I say both you and me? When I was in the military, we served the entire country. It is time for our leaders to do the same. I never heard anyone on a search and rescue mission ask what the victims political beliefs were. The terrorists are ready to harm us regardless of our beliefs. It is time to stick together as communities and defend against that kind of attack.

Knowing your neighbors very well is the only defense. Block parties are a nice start, but you cannot use a yearly meal to solve a daily need for food. If we start taking an interest in each other’s lives and meeting regularly in local defense groups we will know if there is a terrorist cell living in our neighborhood planning to harm us.

Now that we know that the government has allowed a large number of people who wish to do us harm to come into our country, and thus making a world problem a local problem, we need to start looking for local answers. If the government cannot even keep violence out of prisons where they have the power to control the prisoners every move, why would we think giving them more power will keep violence out of our communities? Obviously it will not, and the way Obama has been talking, it would be a fool’s mission to ever think they could. He has a lot of answers, but they are all wrong. Since Obama cannot even keep his own secret service members from drinking and driving, it would be foolish to think he could handle things in our immediate communities. To believe that the same federal government that could not keep the terrorist out of our country will now be capable of preventing them from committing acts of violence now that they have allowed them to be here, is even more preposterous.

The terrorist acts in the United States have proven that the federal government has failed and we now need local answers to federal failures and problems that have now become local. If they were killing Americans in other countries, that would be a federal problem. However, now that they are attacking people in hometown USA, we need to be ready to respond to local attacks with local defense.

The constant response with the scream for more gun control is more of the typical foolishness we have come to expect from the government. It is more proof of their failure and inability to actually do something that would work. Gun control is the equivalent of demanding that we drown when the ship sinks because they have refused to learn to swim. We can no longer allow them to take us down with them. As the Swiss have made national security an individual responsibility, we now need to look to our local governments to implement local defense groups and make fighting terrorism a local responsibility. One thing is for sure, the federal government has failed and will continue to fail.

There are many people today that refuse to learn how to do anything. There are many people that do not know how to start a lawn mower, even more who do not know how to fix one when it brakes. They think they are being self-reliant if they go to McDonalds to get their food instead of having the pizza delivery bring it to them. It is only natural for those people to refuse to protect themselves from terrorism and expect someone else to do it.

That is the media’s problem too. When a terrorist comes a calling, these people, who have chauffeurs drive them around, maids clean their houses, and chefs cook their food, cannot comprehend defending themselves. They make their living running their mouths. They produce nothing. They survive on what others produce, and then they demand that the people that produce what the media needs to survive be made defenseless victims through gun control. The media knows nothing of being in the military or search and rescue. There we run to the problems instead of away from them. Talk is cheap, real solutions are not.

We need to think realistically about the terrorism problem. I live in a rural community. Our local police have very few people. The Sheriff’s department backs them up but they are not a large number of people either. We cannot expect them to be everywhere all the time. Local defense groups could give them the help they will need if the terrorist problem gets worse. It would be foolish to wait until it does.

Being a veteran, I remember how important training is to the success of any mission. I am sure there would be a lot of veterans willing to step in and help. The sooner we start, the more prepared we could be.

We trusted the federal government and they have failed us. Instead of waiting for them to fail us again, it is time to talk to our local sheriffs and our city and township governments to solve the problems the federal governments have caused us. It is silly to expect the problems to become the solution. It is obvious that will not happen.

It is time for the US to become us again. Let’s work together, not against each other.

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