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The Multi-Faceted Mission of a Postmodern Orthodox Christian

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Published on: August 26, 2014

My mission, as a postmodern, orthodox Christian philosopher, is multi-faceted.  It includes the following objectives:

  • Completely divorce the orthodox Christian Academy and the orthodox Christian Church (whether Protestant or Catholic) from the modern Enlightenment account of reason as one or more universal, tradition-independent standards of rational justification.  This account is not only pure mythology, it is the cornerstone of modern, authoritarian liberalism expressed in our authoritarian government.  There is no such thing as universal reason.  There is only tradition-dependent reason.
  • Revolutionize the average Christian’s understanding of modern science by converting him from scientific realism (the notion that science literally describes Reality) to the truth: Science, to the extent that it claims to literally describe Reality, is just a non-verifiable, non-falsifiable, rival tradition.  There is no scientific method which demarcates science from all other “rational” enquiry.  Quantum mechanics and string theory are metaphysics.  Christianity is history and moral authenticity.  Game over.
  • Turn the average orthodox Christian into an enemy of all government education which is rooted in the Big Lie (see 1) — that reason is one thing transcending all tradition and that the government schools and universities generate an unbiased, tradition-neutral curriculum based on absolute rationality.  This is pure nonsense from a postmodern perspective.
  • Drive a wedge between every orthodox Christian and modern western political liberalism as naïve rationalism and authoritarianism also rooted in the Big Lie (1).
  • Drive a wedge between every orthodox Christian and Burkeian conservatism which is now bankrupt as a response to modern authoritarian government and the modern account of reason due to its own authoritarian impulses and paralysis — its incapacity to do little more than preserve the last horrendous mistake.  It is an alternative form of rationalism.
  • Drive a wedge between every orthodox Christian and libertarianism as secular rationalism in the classically liberal sense which, along with modern liberalism, naively and wrongly claims that rationality is universal and scientific, and is actually the friend of individual freedom.  It can’t be.  Absolute reason can only be authoritarian.  Libertarians are utterly confused.  They have no answer to the questions: “Why should I be rational?” and “Why should I care about freedom?”  They have no view of man as having a religious function, a religious teleology which leads to such answers.
  • Convert all orthodox Christians to a new form of populism called “Neopopulism” which is an explicitly Christian, postmodern, and countercultural movement with dramatic political implications (politics is just an extension of culture).  Based on the postmodern rejection of rationalism, it refuses to separate religion and politics as if any tradition about the nature of Reality including the Good, the Just, and the Rational, could possibly avoid political implications.  Neopopulism is a whole new understanding of Christian democracy as primarily the private ownership and control of all of the means of cultural production.  It is not about one man, one vote, but could make one man, one vote safe because the dominance of private education is the dominance of the Christian tradition (and the liberals know it).
  • Get Christians to stop apologizing for Christianity and start demanding an apology from the world for its utter failure to deliver on its secular promises of every kind — starting with its promise to provide an account of reason as one or more universal standards of justification.  After all, even if we Christians really owed the world an apology (a justification of our belief in terms of the world’s account of reason), it will never really accept it.  When we engage in apologetics based on a secular account of reason, we have already been cuckolded.  Who can respect people who are so easily seduced by a ridiculous invention?  If reason is tradition-bound, and it is, then there is nothing that Christians need to apologize for.  Secularism on the other hand, as an ideology, needs to apologize for all of its practical, existential failures.
  • Get Christians over their fear of postmodern relativism.  First of all, we would be better off if secular culture really was relativist instead of rationalist and authoritarian, including an inbuilt attack on our faith.  In the second place, the Christian standard of Reason and Truth is the universal image of God in man.  And so we Neopopulists are not relativists at all.  We believe in a Christian account of reason which is rooted in human moral authenticity instead of the mythology of universal, “objective” standards.  Our standard (authentic, subjective morality) is universal and destroys the modern distinction between the subjective and the objective as pure mythology.  We must reject the modern notion that human subjectivity is what is relative.  It may be the only thing which is universal.  While all of your experience is limited and relative, your subjectivity (all of your God-given moral dispositions) is universal.
  • Drive a wedge between every orthodox Christian and the experts, who are anchored in the myths of western rationalism.  Unfortunately the Christian academy in the 20th Century has been trying to remove this wedge on the grounds that this would make Christians seem more sophisticated and culturally relevant.  Nothing could be less sophisticated or less relevant.  Nothing could be more cowardly.  The expert’s currency is fear whether it is the drug companies, the priests of public health (who think your gun is a disease), the social engineers, the prostitutes who produce policy-making science for the government (see global warming), the psychologists, the professors, the corporate diversity trainer, and on and on.  Their message is that you must do what they tell you to, or you’ll get sick and die.  But we have begun to realize that just the opposite is true.

This is a huge amount of work.  So I am going to try to recruit you to help.  Stop calling yourself a conservative.  Start calling yourself, more simply, an uncompromising Christian who has every intention of imposing the Christian tradition on politics with impunity.  Now it’s our turn to rebel.  Reason, which has put reason in its place in the postmodern age, is on our side.  To jump start your conversion to Christian Neopopulism see Neopopulism as Counterculture and The Rebirth Constitution available on

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