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Murdered Baltimore Cop’s Partner Wasn’t With Him When He Was Shot – This Guy Was

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Published on: November 26, 2017

On Thursday, I reported on Baltimore police officer Sean Suiter, who was shot and killed just one day before he was to testify against eight Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force police officers who were indicted for shaking down citizens and conspiring with drug dealers.

Now, we’re finding out that Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis was not accurate when he said that Suiter was with his partner at the time of the shooting.

In fact, his partner was off for the day, according to records.

John Vibes at The Free Thought Project writes:

The evidence refutes the notion that detective Suiter’s partner was anything but just that, his partner.The BPD and FBI do not possess any information that this incident…and it appears to be nothing more than a spontaneous observation of a man behaving suspiciously and a spontaneous decision to investigate his conduct…is part of any conspiracy,” Davis said.

On November 22, Commissioner Davis made the claim to the media that Suiter was with his partner at the time of the shooting. However, back on November 16th, the Baltimore Sun reported that Det. Jonathan Jones was Suiter’s partner in the homicide unit, and that Jones happened to be off from work the day of the shooting. They even did an interview with him about his relationship with Suiter.

According to the local activist group, Baltimore Bloc, the actual officer who was with Suiter at the time of the shooting was Detective David Bomenka, who is seen in photos taken in 2015 standing directly next to Commissioner Davis wearing a flashy white suit instead of a uniform. Baltimore Bloc also found that Bomenka is Facebook friends with one of the officers who is involved in the indictment, and while this could just be because they work at the same department, it is important to consider.

LEAK: We’ve now been told by multiple sources that the detective who was with Sean Suiter when he was killed was David…

Posted by Baltimore Bloc on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Vibes adds, “Suiter was not with his actual partner when he was shot, and the commissioner should have had this information about this the day it happened, if not by the time it was published in the Baltimore Sun on November 16. If he did not know about it by then, he would have had a whole week to get this information by the time he gave his press conference on November 22. Commisioner Davis is either the most clueless and incompetent police officer to walk the earth, or he is hiding something.”

“This is the longest that a manhunt for the killer of a Baltimore police officer has gone on without an arrest or viable suspect,” he added.  “Previously, the record was held by a suspect who fled to Oklahoma over 50 years ago, before the introduction of big brother cameras and tracking technology, and he was caught in just five days.”

Baltimore is not a place where cop killers get away so easy, even though it is fairly common for the citizens of the city.

I think this entire thing smells to high Heaven, and I know most people thought it when it happened.  That’s why Davis had to hold a press conference and specifically state that there was no “conspiracy.”

Well, we were told there was evidence that was located in the lot where Suiter was murdered that might lead to an arrest, but so far no word on any suspects or arrests.

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