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Muslim Defrauds Elderly Britons Of Over 1 MILLION Pounds And Gives It All To the Islamic State

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Published on: June 8, 2016

Imagine you spend many years of your life working hard, living frugally, making sacrifices and saving money so that you can live out your declining years in peace and tranquility. Then all of a sudden, all of your hard work is gone, like a flash in a pan, and you did not even see it coming.

Fraud against elderly people is a growing and horrible crime world wide, as it take advantage of the weakened physical and mental state of people to rob them. Since many of these people are on fixed incomes, the money robbed from them is often times the only money they have to support them for the rest of their lives, with perhaps the exception of a small state pension. It takes a special kind of lowlife to rob another person’s grandma.

But in this case, not only do we have just one, but eighteen victims and counting who have had over a million pounds stolen from them by a young Muslim man pretending to be a government or business official working in fraud protection. Not only did he take their money, but he then sent the money to ISIS to be used to fund their operations.

Abdulaziz Ahmed, admitted he was part of the ‘Bank of Terror’ gang who conned elderly people out of their life savings in order to plough funds into the depraved death cult.

The 23-year-old posed as a police officer or a bank fraud official as he played his part in taking money from at least 18 victims in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Bedfordshire, London and Kent.

Mrs Burnham lost all of her savings which have now been used to fund the bloodthirsty terror cult.

She said an impact statement: “They came to us at an opportune time. I was getting increasingly worried about access to money for a nursing home for my husband.

“I was extremely concerned we could lose all our savings and we just believed what PC Jenkins told us.

“My husband unfortunately passed away just two weeks after I handed the last package over to the courier. It is terribly sad that our last memories together were overshadowed by this horrible situation.”

The 18 victims identified lost a total of £576,000 between May 2014 and summer 2015 with a further £69,000 worth of dealings were stopped by police.

But the callous fraudsters pocketed another £328,000 from victims which was never identified.

It is evil enough to rob grandma. It is a whole another level of evil and depravity to it over and over. It is only Islam that could do not only that, but then take the same money an use it to pay for slitting her grandchildrens’ throats and make videos laughing about it online.

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