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Muslim Group Wants ‘Islamic Terrorists’ Scrubbed from 9/11 Memorial

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Published on: September 6, 2016

Muslims want the truth scrubbed from 9/11 in accordance with Islamic law  — “do not offend or criticize Islam,” no matter how high the body count, no matter how gruesome the slaughter in the cause of Allah.

In the last letters of all 9/11 Muslim terrorists, they invoked Allah over 90 times.

Why are Muslims so keen to scrub the motive, the truth, from history?

Why aren’t Muslims working to expunge and scrub the violent commands and hatred from Islam? Instead, they shield, protect and impose it.

Invoking the big lie, “fear of reprisals” and “islamophobia” — Muslims say telling the truth about 9/11 may lead to anti-Muslim violence 15 years after 9/11. There was no anti-Muslim violence and there hasn’t been. But there has been unimaginable Muslim violence against non-Muslims, apostates, and  religious minorities.

What are Muslims doing about that?Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.55.12 AM

 NY Muslim Group Wants ‘Islamic Terrorists’ Scrubbed from 9/11 Memorial, Heat Street, September 5, 2016:

A Muslim activist group in New York state is asking that the words “Islamic terrorists” be scrubbed from a 9-11 memorial because it fears the language is inflammatory and may lead to anti-Muslim violence.

The group, the Islamic Organization of Southern Tier, tells KTRK-TV that the monument in Owego, NY unfairly paints all Muslims with the same brush. It would prefer that the word “Islamic” be scrubbed and replaced with just “terrorists” or even “Al Qaeda terrorists.”

But town officials are pushing back. Owego town supervisor Donald Castellucci says the monument is accurate as-is and will not be altered.

“I don’t live in a politically-correct world,” Castellucci says. “I live in a historical fact world and terrorism — whether it’s American homegrown, Christianity, Islamic — you call it what it is.”

The memorial in question stands in honor of those who died in the terror attacks and those who came to their aid in the aftermath. It begins:

“On September 11, 2001 nineteen Islamic terrorists unsuspectedly boarded four airliners departing east coast airports to hijack the planes and carry out a series of coordinated attacks on the United States.”

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