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Muslim Invader Issues Threat to Murder Wife and Children if Deported

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Published on: April 5, 2016

The illegal alien Muslim invasion of Europe has almost destroyed the nations. Finally, the European Union (EU) has started deporting many of the illegal Muslims back to Turkey because of a brokered deal that would provide financial and political favors to Turkey. Muslim protestors, left wing German advocates of Muslim invasion, and UN migration official, Peter Sutherland, are opposed to the deportations. Sutherland claims the deal is illegal.

According to Breitbart:

Brussels will provide 3 billion euros in aid to Ankara for the more than 2 million Syrian refugees residing in Turkey, with the option to increase aid by an additional 3 billion. Turkey also expects an accelerated process of accession to the EU, one of its long-standing goals.

Groups opposed to the mass deportations protested with signs and banners. One Muslim illegal alien invader, Mr. Mustafa, “a Syrian waiting with his wife and children in the port of Chios Island,” told the Greek news agency ANA, “If they make me go back to Turkey, I’ll throw myself and my family in the sea.” A group of Pakistani men, who had no chance of asylum in Europe, boarded a ferry to cross the Aegean to Turkey as the first wave of deportations began.

If there is any confusion about the values and principles that are contained in Islam, there is little left to be confused about when a man threatens to throw himself and his family into the ocean if not allowed to “immigrate” into Europe. This “Mr. Mustafa” has no regard for his family. He is willing to murder his wife and children, along with committing suicide, as some form of tantrum because he isn’t getting what he wants – entry into Europe. While there is sympathy for the children in this situation, the response of the EU should be to tell Mr. Mustafa to “get going with it then.”

How many pictures coming from Islam dominated countries and ISIS controlled areas have graced the internet news agencies showing children carrying weapons? How many pictures have shown Islamic children being instructed to murder? Who could forget the pictures showing an Islamic man taking an infant and pushing the head of one of their victims with its feet? Certainly, the picture of a child mocking the decapitation murder seen by practicing with a teddy bear shows the total disregard of the practitioners of Islam for protecting the innocence of children. The use of children as suicide bombers by practitioners of Islam is certainly a show of abuse of children. In fact, practitioners of Islam have no regard for the sanctity of life, period.

When invading other nations, the practitioners of Islam bring this “philosophy” with them. The innocent child of an Islam couple today becomes the future jihadi terrorist of tomorrow. As the world’s leaders call ISIS and Muslims following the Qu’ran to its letter as “radical,” the real “radicals” are those who practice taqiyya residing in the nations of Europe and the united States. These so-called “moderates” in the West who do not strictly adhere to the Qu’ran are considered the “radicals” or apostates by fellow Muslims and ISIS.

The irony in this situation is the picture contained in the Breitbart article capturing Muslim invaders holding a cardboard sign containing the phrase, “We want Freedom.” These invaders do not want freedom. If they did, they would denounce Islam because of its teaching of oppression, misogyny, pedophilia, child marriage, rape, enslavement, murder and thievery. What these invaders really want is to conquer the freedom of the West through infiltration with massive numbers of Muslims. Moreover, they will use any means necessary to do so, even threatening to kill their own families if it prevents being sent back to Turkey.

Breitbart continued:

“Collective deportations without having regard to the individual rights of those who claim to be refugees are illegal,” he [Sutherland] told BBC radio. “Their rights have to be absolutely protected where they are deported to — in other words Turkey.”

Amnesty International said this week that Turkey was not a “safe country” for refugees, reporting that Ankara was forcing around 100 Syrians to return to their war-torn country every day.

Turkey rejected the criticism, with the foreign ministry saying Saturday “the allegations do not reflect reality in any way”.

The brilliant move in this entire scenario is Erdogan’s Muslim Turkey being awarded an “accelerated process of accession to the EU.” In the European Union, the people from one nation can enter another freely with little difficulty. Turkey, as part of the EU, will be the perfect entry point for Muslims to access the nations of Europe legally. All one would need is a passport from Turkey that indicates “European Union” at the top.

Turkey has earned the designation of being “unsafe” because of the deportation of 100 Syrians back to their home nation. Regardless of religion or type of government, no nation is required to host “refugees.” All Islamic government nations known as the Gulf States have refused to take one refugee. Yet, agitators, left wing progressives and Muslims are lambasting the nations of Europe for beginning deportation. Likewise, those same types of individuals criticize those in the united States for urging our government to enforce immigration laws and deport illegal alien invaders instead of providing them safe harbor in sanctuary cities.

Unfortunately, our government is working against the citizens of the nation, just like Germany, by importing Middle Eastern “refugees,” refusing to enforce immigration laws, and providing illegal alien invaders access to social programs that should be reserved for citizens. As the Hussein Soetoro administration thumbs their proverbial nose at us all, government forces citizens to foot the bill. Germany protects illegal alien Muslim invaders who commit crimes against its citizenry, evicts citizens from their home to house illegal alien Muslim invaders, and urges its citizens to relinquish their rights in submission to Islamic culture.

In another twist of irony, left, liberal, progressive, Democrats yell about turning away children, the “care the children need,” and the situation of the children because they are innocent victims in the war-torn Middle East. However, these same individuals support women murdering their babies in the womb. There are no bounds to the hypocrisy of the Hussein Soetoro administration, the Democrat Party and the bleeding heart citizens of the united States. It appears to be the same scenario in Europe.

While many would think it is cruel to tell Mr. Mustafa to go ahead and “get hot” with his threat because of the children, Mr. Mustafa has no real intention of murdering his wife and children, then killing himself. It is a tactic to bribe the EU from deporting these invaders since the EU leaders would not want to see any negative press surrounding the illegal alien invaders. Even if Mr. Mustafa is serious in this threat, no European nation, its citizenry or leaders, nor the EU should feel responsible for the deaths or capitulate to any threats made by those observing a philosophy and culture with such a disregard for life they would murder their family as part of a tantrum. The problem is Islam, its teachings of evil, and the willingness of individuals to embrace the culture of death.

Currently, the EU doesn’t look to be responding to the threat since the deal with Turkey was made and deportations have commenced. Give it some time. Once Turkey is admitted into the EU, these same invaders will return. The difference the next time is they will be allowed to move through nations unhindered with papers from Turkey. The craftiness contained in Islam is set to conquer Europe not with brute force aggression, but with subtle infiltration via ascension of Turkey into the EU.

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