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My Latest Encounter with Nazi-Like Muslim Thugs

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Published on: April 27, 2015

I spoke last Wednesday night at Brooklyn College, if you can still call it that. Every seat was filled – 80 percent by Muslim students. If this is the future, it is murder. The sneers, the jeers, the laughter – my discussion of the most savage jihad acts was met with huge peals of laughter. It wasn’t a talk; it was a vicious circus: lawless and shameful.

From the moment I began to speak, the Muslim students were cackling and catcalling with Jew-hating remarks and jeers.

Lord knows I tried to have a genuine discussion with them. I was patient, I was indulgent – but to no avail. If you watch the video, be sure to watch the Q-and-A as well. That will show you everything. A couple of fights almost broke out. Muslim students were reading questions off their phones, sent from their puppetmasters, about inane, irrelevant things, such as what did I think of some Muslim basketball player and such.

There were many Muslim girls in the audience. I asked them where they were for Rifqa Bary and Aqsa Parvez and Noor Almaleki and the other victims of honor killing and oppression. Of course, in response, there were just more jeers, more catcalls.

One Muslim student posted a photo to Twitter of Muslim students at my talk making the Islamic State salute in solidarity with savages. People are claiming this was just a show of Muslim piety (adherence to monotheism) and meant nothing in connection with the Islamic State. Yet, when I posted the photo at my website,, the Islamic supremacists who had put it on Twitter removed it. The deception continues. If it was a harmless gesture, why remove it?

And, in fact, there was a lot of support for the Islamic State in the room that night. Even when I was describing ISIS videos and their atrocities, there were Arabic calls of praise: “Alhamdulillah!” (“thanks be to Allah”). Watch the video of this incident. Notice that none of the other Muslims in the audience say a word to contradict or rebuke the woman who shouted “Alhamdulillah” when I was speaking about the growth of the Islamic State.

There were a lot of calculated attempts at intimidation. Groups of Muslim men would get up for pee breaks or prayers breaks and walk right up to where I was speaking, walking by the stage/platform and then walking out all the way down to the back. This went on over and over.

The worst of it was one woman who stood up to thank me. She was the victim of genocide. Her mother was an atheist, her father a Muslim. She is married to a Jewish man. She describes herself as an “open-minded Christian.” And they went after her like vultures on carrion. I actually wanted my security team to make sure she got out safely at the end because it was bedlam, but I wasn’t able to find out what happened. I said over their caterwauling, “You laughing and screaming and taunting and attacking this woman, this is what the Nazis looked like. This is a victim of genocide. You’re depraved and you’re soulless.”

As I left the venue, Muslim students screamed, “Don’t come back!” and, “Allahu akbar!” David Wood captured some of the frenzied Muslim mob and their leftist lapdogs bullying and harassing the Jews leaving my talk, screaming “Free Palestine!” Hundreds of people (from as far away as Yemen) have written me, shocked at what they saw on the video of my talk. But the video doesn’t communicate the wildness and lawlessness in that room. I am the only one with the microphone during the speech, so what was going on in the audience is barely audible.

After the event, Muslim fascist students began boasting and thumping their chests on social media, claiming that they shut down the event. This is, of course, a lie. I gave my entire talk and took questions. They shut down nothing. One wrote: “That b–ch deserves a brick to her f–-ing head.” Others lied brazenly, claiming I had said “Muslims are not human” and saying of me, “She deserves all the worst, and I hope she gets it.”

The Hamas-tied terror group CAIR had demanded “protection” for these students – from whom? Little old ladies? It speaks volumes that a talk on “Free Speech” on an American college campus required scores of police and plainclothes cops. But even the guards were afraid of the Muslim students. One attendee wrote that while I was speaking, “music was played low enough to not be belligerent but loud enough to be annoying. The guards heard. Comments were made that could have been reprimanded. I was threatened. The first guard did nothing. The second, a supervisor, let the kid walk out who passed right in front of us. The guards were passive. They were nervous. They wanted no confrontation.” The moderator of the Q-and-A said of one of the students: “While I was holding the mic he said, ‘I’m gonna smack you across the face.’ I asked a guard to pull him out, but he didn’t.”

There is now a petition by these goons and Nazi-like thugs to “ban hate speech” at Brooklyn College – so afraid are these thuggish students that the truth about Islam and jihad will be heard.

It wasn’t the belly of the beast. It was the beast’s colon. Brooklyn College is not a safe environment for human beings.

This event made it clear: Brooklyn College and our nation’s universities in general are not about learning, or about reasoned discourse, or about a search for truth. They are centers for fascist indoctrination. And the fascists were out in force last Wednesday night.


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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