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Navy Chaplain Stand Firm in Christians Faith – Is Exonerated For Counseling According to the Bible

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Published on: September 11, 2015

Over the last several years, it has seemed as though there was a push to remove Christians from the military.  Many in service have seen that their views were less and less welcome in military life.  The reason is the drastic change in policy concerning sodomy.  As the military changed its stance on service members being openly homosexual, the chaplains have had to tone down their criticism of such actions.  But one chaplain is finding that his actions were not worthy of censure.

World Net Daily reports

A decorated Navy chaplain threatened with a career-ending dismissal for voicing his Bible-based beliefs on homosexuality has been exonerated.

In March, the Navy denied (Wes) Modder’s request for a religious accommodation of his views.

The actions taken against Modder come from the commanding officer of the base, Capt. Jon Fahs Jr., after several sailors complained about the counseling they received from Modder on issues of sexual morality. Fahs accused Modder of “failing to show tolerance and respect” to the sailors who sought his advice. This came just weeks after Fahs gave Modder the highest possible rating for his job performance, calling him “a consummate professional” who was sought out for his “sage counsel.”

As I reported, this chaplain was reported for counselling against sodomy.  This would mean that the Christian chaplain would be telling these people what they needed to hear.  But it was not just sodomites that the chaplain counselled to change their actions.  He also dealt with premarital sex.  In other words, he counselled according to the Scripture.  But the Navy found that the chaplain has done nothing to warrant discipline.

WND continued:

A Navy official speaking anonymously to the Military Times confirmed the official verdict.

“There is no documentation of poor performance in his personnel record,” he said. “There was no record of counseling. There was no letter of instruction given to Chaplain Modder by the command and non-judicial punishment was not conducted.”

This means that there was no reason for the Navy to believe that Modder had been treated properly.  He was not reprimanded nor commanded to stop giving Christian counsel to those under his ministry.  There is no record of discipline, but the commander went straight to this career-ending action.  And this will likely bring to an end any issue about Modder’s faith.

WND reports:

“I am relieved the Navy sided with me. I have served honorably for 20 years in diverse units in the Marine Corps and Navy. I am proud of my service but prouder of all those who serve on the front lines regardless of their faith and backgrounds,” Modder said in a statement.

“I am called by my faith to express love for all, regardless of the diversity of backgrounds from which they come, and I will continue to follow my faith in all things. I am grateful to be able to continue the ministry God called me to do.”

We are glad that this faithful chaplain will be able to minister according to his calling and that our Navy service members will hear the truth as they protect us from our enemies.


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