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NC Governor Deserves Kudos for Lawsuit Against Obama DOJ for Threats Against State

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Published on: May 10, 2016

Kudos to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) for filing a lawsuit Monday against the Department of Justice in response to a DOJ letter threatening action because of the state’s law designating restrooms for men and women only exclusively.

Meanwhile, our president is apologizing in Europe for North Carolina’s common sense law that protects businesses and women in the state; and plainly states boys should use the boys’ restroom and girls should use the girls’ restroom.  Hey folks, didn’t we learned that one in grade school?

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So, now Attorney General Loretta Lynch and 5 federal government agencies, including Education, Transportation, Labor, Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services, have taken on North Carolina and threatened to withhold federal funding if they don’t rescind HB2, which protects women and little girls against gender confused predators or those who would portend gender confusion to access women’s restroom and dressing room facilities.

Family Research Council has produced a wonderful video clip that spells out the absurdity of the president’s position in light of more pressing needs in America like ISIS infiltrating America and saber rattling from Russia, North Korea and Iran. Here is a link for the clip:

I find it interesting that as Black Americans (and professed Christians) our president and attorney general seem to have no problem supporting and allowing the agenda of the transgender community be conjoined with the historic civil rights movement for 1st class citizenship for Black Americans.  That movement was birthed in and of the Church and last time I checked, the leaders of the movement were clergy who adhered to the tenets of the whole faith which states transgenderism as immoral. Furthermore, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes no mention of sexuality or orientation within its confines and only pertains to ethnicity and gender specifically.

As I have stated in prior commentary, this stance by the Oval Office is the byproduct of the false doctrine of tolerance and inclusion. It flies right in the face of common sense and good judgement.  In short, it’s an immoral stance masquerading as compassion, and/or tolerance and inclusion.  The fallacy of that doctrine is why there is rampant multiculturalism taking place in France, the UK and Belgium with its resultant balkanization and terrorism.  We can already see the seeds of what is taking place in Europe sprouting here.

In my opinion, three things need to take place to put a stop to this foolishness:

  • The Black Church needs to tell our president enough is enough! And why such a focus on the transgender community when there is rampant black on black crime and the black family is on life support? And we need to demand that he respect the history of the civil rights movement.
  • Congress needs to do what we hired them to do. Be the proper check and balance to the executive branch of government and challenge the president when he is operating way outside of the parameters of his office.
  • The American people need to make sure they participate come November so that we remember those elected officials who showed no backbone, toss them out and replace them with those who espouse our values.

Final point: We need to pray for and support North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas and all the states and their leadership who have the wherewithal to stand for principle and common sense.

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