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Never Let Down Your Guard-Stay Locked and Loaded

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Published on: June 7, 2018

There are some things that are going on in America and I hope to help you understand why you shouldn’t let down your guard (Luke 11:21).

Here are some examples. I live in Minnesota and quite often my family and I go to a mall that is pretty close to where we live.  At this mall, there are a lot of Muslims.  Not too long ago, there was a Muslim man who went around this mall stabbing everybody he could with a knife.  No one was armed but an off-duty police officer, who shot him dead. The police officer stopped him from otherwise hurting more people.

Here is another example as to why you should never let down your guard.  I saw a video of a guy who came upon a group of families, actually women and children, with a gun trying to steal the ladies’ purses.  An off-duty lady police officer, who was in or near the group, saw him trying to do this and shot him.

However, what is really interesting is that it seems sometimes people would rather protect or feel sorry for the criminal who got shot, instead of helping the victims whose lives were in danger.

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Here is another example why not to let down your guard.  There were 3 Americans who were taking a trip through Europe. They went to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and then they decided to go to France. When they were on the train, there was a Muslim that was on the train with them, except this Muslim was carrying an AK-47 with him and intended to kill a bunch of people.  He was in the bathroom getting ready to do this and two men noticed he was in there for a long time and were waiting for him to get out.  When he came out, they saw he had a gun in his hands and they tried to stop him. One of the guys got his gun and ran with it, but the Muslim also had a pistol too and shot the man who grabbed his AK47 from him.  The 3 Americans heard what was going on and one of the guys ran after the guy with the gun.  The Muslim tried to shoot him as well, but his gun jammed and the American charged him.  His other two friends that were with him helped him and they got the Muslim. On top of that, the brave American man who charged the guy with the gun also saved the life of the man who got shot.  When they got to Paris France they received France’s equivalent to our Metal of Honor.  There was a movie made on it called “The 15:17 To Paris.”

You can look at videos all day long and see people walking into a store with a gun with the intent to steal or do harm to people and a lawful person who is carrying a gun will shoot them.

But what is wrong is that instead of blaming the criminal for his actions, they will blame the gun.  Why would they blame the gun instead of the person who shot the gun?  We always need to make sure that wherever we go, we are always on our guard.

I also want to convey that you should always carry a gun because you never know if someone will do something to endanger your life.  Never, ever disarm yourself.

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