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New Bill Claims To “Protect” Children While Ignoring Them Being Pimped Out

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Published on: June 17, 2020

Have you heard of the Bill titled “The EARN IT Act”? The main sponsor is Sen. Lindsey Graham from SC. However, on this particular Bill, he has several co-sponsors. This Act is supposed to set up a protective data system for children, especially when it comes to sexual abuse and the sexual exploitation of children. Sen. Graham and the bipartisan co-sponsors have sponsored or co-sponsored many other Bills which turn education into workforce prep! Now, ‘suddenly’ they all care about children’s safety? Let’s look at S3398 with the Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor on this episode of Rotten to the Core Wednesday on Sons of Liberty Radio.

Articles and additional resources mentioned in this episode.

Congress’s Educratic “Sense”

ESEA of 1965 (amended in 2015 as ESSA), page 230 shows ‘internet safety’.  S 3398 is to amend this portion.

S 3398 in bill form:

Communication Decency Act (1990s version of the original 1934 Communication Act). Both bills are amended in S 3398. Explained in everyday terms (for ‘homework’):,of%20the%20Communication%20Decency%20Act&text=Section%20230%20says%20that%20%22No,%C2%A7%20230).

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation video:

*** 8 minutes and some graphic images**

The Human Rights Campaign (ties to UN) lesson plan for “Red: A Crayon’s Story”. This also ties to “I am Jazz’ (transgender children)

The PA Teen’s (KC Miller) Tedx Talk on pushing CSE in schools: (his talk is based off UN CSE it’s about 12 minutes, but it’s what he says that needs exposing.)
**If you choose to not show his talk, use image #5 here. Folks can listen at if they choose, later.

NBC Link to cartoons for kids using gender bending:

From CA (used in other States,too) the PPP (Positive Prevention Plus) Special Needs pdf. Pages xx and 6 are what I want to focus on. Page xx is the parental caveat and page 6 is the teacher’s part.
**The Vimeo for PPP’s high school independent study is about 5 minutes long.
It’s worth playing, though.
**The middle school PPP vimeo is only 3 minutes, but is labeled ‘elementary’.

The Stop CSE website, where lots more curriculum/resources are exposed:

Link to my archived article on HR 2720 and S 1524 (Real Education for Healthy Youth Acts). These 2 push MORE CSE in education.

Link to this Saturday’s Child Protection League webinar on warning parents about SEL (social emotional learning) and CSE (comprehensive sexuality education)

Link to Erin’s Law (requires all the states to teach prevention of child sex abuse. To date, 37 states have embedded this in public ed).

Sen. Graham’s money trail:
His support for S 3144 (sister is HR 5236) called the Youth Workforce Readiness Act is exposed in this article:

Channel 19 WTXL’s videos on Graham’s money in campaign contributions: (drugs/big pharma)
(China, COVID-19, Elon Musk’s company for SC jobs)

Graham’s biggest industry supporters from Open Secrets. Big pharma and big tech are included. By the way, there are over 41 bio-tech companies in SC.

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