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New Graphic Novel Depicts Jesus Beheading His Foes With A Whirling Sword

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Published on: March 5, 2019

Joe Casey and Benjamin Marra no doubt think of themselves as cool, edgy, and courageous, unafraid to incur charges of blasphemy from furious Christians. In fact, they’re banking on those charges: “Reports say the publisher is banking on blasphemy protests to propel sales.”

This is part of the West’s cultural suicide. It’s cool, edgy and courageous to hate one’s own culture, history, and civilization, and to mock and defame its central figures. But Casey and Marra are unlikely to be as courageous when it comes to a religious figure who actually did behead his enemies. Muhammad, according to his first biographer Ibn Ishaq, beheaded between 600 and 900 men of the Jewish Qurayzah tribe after the Battle of the Trench. Will Casey and Marra publish a graphic novel about Muhammad? Not on your life. Not only would that not be courageous in the eyes of their peers, but it would also be “hateful” and “Islamophobic,” even if it contained accurate material drawn from Islamic sources.

“Jesus is stone-cold killer in new graphic novel,” WND, March 3, 2019:

What’s the last taboo?

Maybe it’s the new graphic novel from Image Comics, publisher of “The Walking Dead” series and other hits – “Jesusfreak,” in which Jesus of Nazareth is portrayed as a stone-cold killer.

Oh, and by the way, it comes out just in time for Lent.

The previews show the Messiah beheading foes with a whirling sword.

Promotional material explains: “The year is 26 C.E. A young Nazarean carpenter is having some trouble adjusting to the violent world around him – and finding his place within it. He knows he’s different, but he doesn’t know why. Not yet, anyway. A bloody, two-fisted tale of historical heroic fiction …”

Reports say the publisher is banking on blasphemy protests to propel sales.

“‘Jesusfreak’ is less inspired by any strict religious traditions and is instead more concerned with exploring the unique tension that exists between depicting a mythical figure and a historical figure – a tension that is compounded when, for many, they’re considered the same person,” said Joe Casey, the writer, when the project was first announced.

“It’s also a chance for [co-writer Benjamin] Marra and I to indulge in a specific style of hard-pulp storytelling that we think perfectly fits this material.”…

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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