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New Hampshire Democrat Dodges Libel Suit with More Lies

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Published on: January 6, 2020

Late in November, I wrote here at FrontPage about how Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, called me a “white supremacist” in the run-up to my speaking event in his cold little state, and repeatedly refused to retract when asked to do so. Now Buckley’s lawyer, William E. Christie, has finally responded to a letter from my attorney. In doing so, Christie reveals a common but little-known tactic of the Left: build new lies upon old ones, to create a tower of mendacity as costly to counter as it is dishonest.

In explaining why Buckley was refusing to retract his false claim, Christie asserted that before Buckley lied about me, there had been what Christie called “numerous published reports regarding Mr. Spencer serving as a basis for the statement complained of.” Christie then cited articles from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Think Progress, the Daily Beast, and something called The Sisterhood, all claiming that I am a “white nationalist,” “white supremacist,” or “racist.”

The SPLC article that Christie cites bases its claim that I’m a “white nationalist” on an article I published eight years ago defending Western civilization, which is not, contrary to what the SPLC thinks, a “white nationalist” position to take. Even worse, the SPLC focuses upon a reading list that accompanied the article that I didn’t compile, or approve, or even see before the article was published, and that is supposedly “white nationalist” because it includes a book I have not read that warns of the dangers of mass migration into Europe, dangers which at this point are abundantly clear to anyone who is paying attention. The SPLC article also claims fantastically that Regnery Publishing, a mainstream conservative publisher that has published ten of my books, is also “white nationalist.” The absurdity of this claim epitomizes the dishonesty of the entire article.

Christie’s Think Progress citation, meanwhile, goes to an article about how the Norwegian white supremacist terrorist Anders Breivik quoted me. This is a common point in the Left’s rap sheet on me, cited by people who claim that I inspired Breivik or applauded his murders. In reality, Breivik in his windy “manifesto” does indeed quote me, but specifically says that it was Hamas and al-Qaeda that inspired him to commit acts of violence before I had published anything about Islam.

Christie himself wants to give the impression that Breivik quoted me saying “white supremacist” things. He didn’t, because he couldn’t, because I don’t say such things or hold such views. In fact, although the easiest way for Christie to defend Buckley’s lie would have been to quote me in the act of being “white supremacist,” Christie’s letter contains no quotations from me at all, because there are no quotations from me that make his case.

And there’s the rub. Christie’s other two citations claim I’m a “white supremacist” and a “racist” without even bothering to try to support their claims. Now, however, despite the fact that none of his supporting evidence has any foundation whatsoever, Christie, and Buckley as well, are on ground that seems stronger than it is: if we sue, they can produce not one, but four different sources calling me a white supremacist and racist. It’s all lies, but this is how the Left works: Christie likely knows that his four sources would look impressive to those who are unfamiliar with Leftist tactics, and who would not take the time to investigate the truth of the matter.

This is a key, but little-noted, Leftist tactic. The reason why there was any controversy at all over my appearance in New Hampshire was because years ago, Leftists and their Islamic allies such as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) decided to target and destroy all those who dared speak honestly about the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism, by calling us racists, bigots, white supremacists, and the like. The tactic has been extraordinarily successful, and its successes build on its successes.

It works like this: some organization invites a foe of jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women to speak. Leftist and Muslim groups then raise a hue and cry, of course with the full cooperation of the local media, to deplore the invitation of such a notorious racist to speak to decent folk. The organizers and/or hosts of the event, not wanting the public controversy or embarrassment and professional harms of being called such names or linked by association to those who are called them, cancel the event. The next time the anti-jihad speaker is invited to address some group, the Left-fascists and Islamic groups who create the controversy then can and do say, “The speaker is such an egregious racist that such-and-such organization canceled his appearance when it found out about his shocking record.”

And so the whole cycle repeats, and builds upon itself. I myself have been standing against jihad terror and Sharia oppression for so many years now that the Left has a rap sheet on me that is a mile long: banned from Britain! Canceled by this long list of organizations! And so on and on. I even started a GoFundMe page to fund legal action against the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is at the foundation of so much of this libel, and GoFundMe canceled and returned all the donations and barred me from using its service.

Again and again, when I’m stuck in airports or otherwise unable to do anything constructive, I go on Twitter and see people repeating the Left’s lies about me and my work. Many times I have challenged people there to produce even a single actual quote from me that is genuinely racist, hateful, white supremacist, or the like. Invariably, the accuser produces no such quote, because such quotes do not exist. But once the Left and the Hamas-linked Islamic establishment in the U.S. target you, they will destroy your name anyway, and there is little you can do without a large fund you can devote to litigation.

Of course, what has happened to me is minor, but it is in microcosm what is happening on a much larger scale. The impeachment proceedings in search of a crime against President Trump, however, show that this practice of building lies upon lies is a favored Leftist tactic. Raymond Buckley’s colleagues in the national Democratic Party are clearly willing to destroy our very system of government in their quest for partisan dominance, and tell any lie in order to do so. My nasty experience with the Democrats in New Hampshire shows that this impulse didn’t spring out of nowhere.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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