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New Jersey: Elderly Woman Nearly Loses His Home Over 6 Cents In Back Taxes

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Published on: September 16, 2020

Taxes are simply the government thinking that it is entitled to the fruits of your labor.  What’s more is that you never, ever, never, ever own your own home.  Even when you pay it off and while you’re paying it off, the government is a constant threat to steal it from you if you don’t pay their extortion fees.  Wait, they call them taxes, but it’s the same thing.  In New Jersey, a 90-year-old woman almost lost her home due to a whopping 6 cents in back taxes.

NBC New York reported:

Lisa Suhay took to TikTok to tell people her mother was close to being kicked out of her Ocean Township home, after the nickel and penny she owed in taxes in 2019 accrued to more than $300 in interest. The town put Glen Kristi Goldenthal’s home up for sale on Wednesday, the same day Suhay found out about the tiny debt that was at the center of the whole ordeal.

“I’m sorry, you’re selling my mother’s house today because she owes you six cents. He said yeah, it’s amazing how these things snowball,” Suhay said. “I was like – it’s six cents!”

To make matters worse, Suhay – who lives in Virginia – said her mother has Alzheimer’s, so even if she did know about it, she likely forgot.

“Apparently the tax collector called her,” Suhay said. “Because when I talked to him, he said he realized there was something wrong, that she didn’t understand.”

Desperate to save her mother’s home, Suhay called everyone at the Monmouth County township’s office, including Mayor Christopher Siciliano.

“Naturally it’s really embarrassing the town would put someone’s home up for sale over six cents. It’s silly,” said Siciliano.

Well, yeah it is embarrassing and it’s frightening for someone like Ms. Goldenthal.

“You can keep paying that quarterly payment, but the back payment triggers an amount that eventually can cause a tax sale,” said Siciliano. “This is all computer-generated, not something that a human can correct.”

Siciliano said he is looking for legislation to be passed to correct the problem.

That’s it, pass the buck instead of telling those executing the law under you to just stop it, and use some common sense.

“I understand this is state law, but the township really has to bear responsibility for how they handle this,” Suhay said. “Shame on anybody who can’t think far outside the box enough to come up with six cents in an office full of people. You can’t pull a dime out of your pocket?”

Well, I ask, how is Mr. Siciliano and the city thinking outside the box?  Why don’t you guys simply tell those under your command to check and implement it yourself when it’s absolutely ridiculous?  In fact, why not be a stand-up guy and get rid of the immoral property tax in the first place?  That would be really thinking outside the box, don’t you think?

Ms. Goldenthal paid the six cents, but she struggles daily with Alzheimer’s.

“From minute to minute to minute, this isn’t over for her. She’s called me dozens of times in the last 24 hours, (asking) ‘Is my house gonna be OK? Do I have to pack? Where am I gonna go, live?'” said Suhay. “She had the money to pay. How many people during a pandemic, or any other time, are being victimized by this greedy broken system?”

I don’t know if this woman has family or attends a church, but they should be aiding her at this time.  In either case, Mayor Siciliano, why not looking into eliminating that property tax?  Don’t you think this woman has paid enough extortion fees for a home she owns?


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