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New Jersey Pushes Parents To Set Up Temporary Guardianship Options For Children Under COVID-19 Hoax – Threatens To Take Custody Of Kids

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Published on: April 13, 2020

America, we, as a people, have become soft.  Some are easily manipulated, deceived, and led into promoting our own enslavement.  No longer are we the people that essentially won World War II.  No longer are we the people who can claim to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.  That phrase, ladies and gentlemen now belongs to those who risked everything to establish a new country based on securing individual rights and liberties and those who fought afterward on our behalf to defend those rights and liberties.  We are the generation who refuse to suffer a bit of inconvenience, cannot get our face out of our smartphones, complain when we cannot watch our favorite football team on television due to “blackouts”, and look toward government to provide for us what we should be providing for ourselves.  Therefore, when government says “jump”, the majority responds with “how high”.  When it comes to protests, we are the “one hit wonders”.

Yes, I’m talking to you if this applies to you.  If you don’t think this applies to you, then answer honestly the questions that follow.  Are you following social distancing “rules”?  Are you practicing “self-isolation”?  Are you believing the information the government and lamestream government-controlled entertainment enemedia are presenting to you, after these entities have repeatedly lied to the public?  Are you following whatever “rules” any government entity issued during this time?  Are you fearful of violating those “rules”?  If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, you still have a tether attached to your brain, holding it in someone else’s head.

Sons of Liberty Media readers should know the truth after reading the articles produced to inform readers of the “reality”, not the “dream presented by government”.  Readers should not be fearful, panicked, or ignorant.  Armed with as much truth as you can absorb, provided by Sons of Liberty Media, you should know that government is scamming you.  You know the truth about this coronavirus.  And, you know government is working to infringe upon the freedoms and liberties of the people for nefarious reasons.  You should also know that government will not stop until met with sustained, confident, absolute resistance.

The question now is when does that resistance happen.  Friends, it better be soon or other States will follow suit on what New Jersey is now proposing to do.

According to InsiderNJ, “Administration officials at the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) today encouraged parents across the state to consider temporary guardianship options for their children in the event they become incapacitated with COVID-19. Power of Attorney (POA) forms were made available online for download.”

“Contingency planning is always recommended for families, but during these uncertain times, it is even more crucial for parents to prepare for the unexpected,” said DCF Commissioner Christine Norbut Beyer. “Similar to disaster readiness, families should have a COVID-19 Kit that includes important documents, a list of alternative caregivers for their children and a ‘go’ bag with toys, medicines, clothes, electronics and other essentials children may need to spend the night – or a week – with a designated caregiver.”

In the event a child is without a caregiver due to a parent’s illness or incapacitation, DCF’s Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) may be called to take custody. The Division works to identify appropriate and willing family, friends or neighbors that can provide short-term guardianship, but these efforts can take time and a child could be placed in foster care while details and arrangements are made.

“DCF’s role is one of child protection and child welfare,” said Carmen Diaz Petti, Assistant Commissioner for DCPP. “We encourage all parents to consider these resources and to do all they can to plan for the care of their children, preventing an unnecessarily traumatic experience during an already difficult time [Emphasis Mine].

Yes, DCF in New Jersey is preparing to remove children from their home in the event parent(s) become ill and/or incapacitated with the coronavirus.  How will they know?  Aren’t law enforcement and National Guard in New Jersey going door to door searching for individuals escaping from New York?  While they are there, it wouldn’t take long to take temperatures of those in the home, assess for coronavirus symptoms, and remove a parent for having coronavirus then calling DCF to gain “custody” of the child.  If you have allergies with coughing and sneezing, watery eyes, and congestion, you could be removed for quarantine, mandatory testing, and treatment (eye roll) at the nearest health care facility.

What’s even more eye-opening is the Assistant Commissioner for DCPP, Carmen Diaz Petti, admitting that placing children in DCF “protection” is “an unnecessarily traumatic experience”.  The government is now declaring it has the “right” to take your children if you are sick, have not designated a guardian, and place your child in “foster care” where it is likely your child could be sex trafficked.

According to Find My Kids Blog:

In 2018, the NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) found that out of over 23,500 reported runaway children — usually running from care homes — nearly 15% were likely victims of sex trafficking.

report looking into child sex trafficking and the child welfare system, conducted by the Department of Children and Families in Connecticut, found that of 88 children rescued from child sex trafficking in the state, 86 of were involved with child protection services before being exploited.

An investigation led by the state of New York also discovered that nearly 85% of child trafficking victims had previously been involved with child welfare services.

These figures clearly show the dire state of the child welfare system — it’s failing children at almost every angle.

Is this enough to get yourself off the plantation?  Will this additional information do it?

Victims of sex trafficking include a broad range of populations such as homeless children and youth, children and youth in the foster care system, refugees, and LGBTQ youth. To date, little effort has been made to collect comprehensive data on the scope of this problem, but it is estimated that 100,000 children and youth are sexually exploited in the United States each year.1 What is clear is that many of the minors who are trafficked interact with the child welfare system at some point in their lives. Child welfare service providers are therefore uniquely situated to identify and address issues of children and youth who have been sexually exploited. [Emphasis Mine]

Individually, one doesn’t stand a chance when the “man comes knocking” armed to the hilt to your home, possibly taking your children if finding you ill and no other caretaker is available.  Remember, some State governors are prohibiting travel between residences, like Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.  And, we have all heard about some States preventing entry and “forcing” those who do into a 14-day quarantine.  So, how are you to secure a “guardian/caretaker” for your children when you can’t travel to take your children to a relative or trusted friend, particularly when that individual resides in another State.  How many “government thugs” are going to pay attention to some power of attorney when they can’t even bother reading the US or State Constitutions?  Do you trust the government with your children?

Get ready for a new reality!  This is going to be the new normal.  Despite government having no moral, ethical or lawful authority to take children from parents under any circumstance, government has passed pseudo-law allowing them to do so at the government’s discretion.  We, the people, have stood silent on this under the government’s mantra of “keeping children safe”.  Ever notice how everything government usurps is passed to the people under the ruse of safety?  Now, government is usurping authority to take children under this coronavirus ruse.  Yes, it is a ruse – read the numerous articles at Sons of Liberty Media exposing government lies about coronavirus/COVID-19.

On top of all of this, commercials featuring “reality” and entertainment TV stars are broadcast ad nauseum encouraging Americans to submit to these draconian, dictatorial and totalitarian government orders to “stay home” and practice social distancing.

So, MEN, are you going to stand by as government goons take children away under a ruse and a lie?  Women are fierce when it comes to protecting children, or they should be, from harm, even when it comes in the form of “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.  Are you willing to fight for children, even if not willing to fight for yourself?

Oh, that’s right, everyone is supposed to “stay at home” to get through this.  Well, this is not temporary, and life will not return to life before coronavirus.  Next thing you know we will be using the abbreviations LBC, LAC and LDC to distinguish law and “policy”.  The people can expect rolling quarantines throughout the year based on the opinion of Clinton-loving, government stooge, unqualified infectious disease, coronavirus “expert” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, or more appropriately Dr. Anthony S. False-y.

Dr. False-y’s partner in crime, Deborah Birx, does not even have an active medical license in order to be able to work in a job responsible for medical policy regarding illnesses.  She is still an MD through education, but she does not hold an active license in order to work in a medical position.  If Birx is retired, it would make sense to let one’s license become inactive, as I have done.  But, if one intends to work in a position requiring medical knowledge, one normally has to have an active license.  Birx doesn’t have one.  Her expertise is the same as Dr. False-y – mainly dealing with HIV/AIDS;  but, she does have patient care experience.

The problem with Birx is her ties to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  She serves on the board of the Global Fund that received money from Bill Gates and backs a model prepared by the University of Washington IHME – a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project.  And, the model has proven to be grossly inaccurate and wrong.

These are the people Trump is relying upon for federal government policy and State governors are using to institute freedom-sucking, liberty-denying, rights-trampling, totalitarian, despotic “orders” that now includes child snatching.

And, they said nothing like what happened in the communist Soviet Union or socialist Nazi Germany could happen here.

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